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Steamboat Jan 27-Feb 6


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Day 11 Saturday
My last ski day! Had another lesson and I skied much better today. Visibility was great and it turned into a blue bird day.
I started out on the Nordica Wild Belles and felt like I had not control on the groomers--so I switched to the K2 OooLaLuv and after that I got my mojo back. I felt the the Wild Belles had no edge grip and were bouncing around--the instructor said he could see them chattering. Supposedly the K2s are stiffer than the Nordicas. I absolutely hated the Nordicas on everything other than fresh powder but the K2s did everything well---nice edge grip, very nimble and forgiving in bumps and I skied the best I ever have in the trees today. I normally hesitate a lot in the trees, but today I was able to pick up a rhythm and just GO.
I know they changed the core construction of the Wild Belle this year and obviously this ski is not for me--it's too bad though because I liked it last year when it was different.
Here's a picture taken from the Four Points lift

Then another of me about to go down Sunset I think

So even though I wasn't able to finish out the trip with my regular instructor, I enjoyed my pinch hitter instructor as well. He was fun to ski with---so I'm glad I now know another instructor in Steamboat that I can feel confident booking if I need to.

Sad the trip is over, but next up is Jackson Hole at the end of February, so stay tuned for that report!


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So, another new K2 lover! I'm intrigued by their latest lineup for sure.
As far as being a perfectionist, yep, I get that. Guilty here as well.

Have a great time in JH! So many fun trips--good for you!

just jane

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I totally missed this thread and it's probably too late, but @a_banana, you can't go wrong with a dip at Strawberry Park Hot Springs. I hope you found it.


Certified Ski Diva
I totally missed this thread and it's probably too late, but @a_banana, you can't go wrong with a dip at Strawberry Park Hot Springs. I hope you found it.

Thanks for the tip, just_jane! I'm already back from my trip, and didn't make it to any of the hot springs (either Old Town or Strawberry Park), unfortunately. I decided against Strawberry Park early on - my car isn't any kind of off-road machine and the description of the road up scared me away from driving myself; and the shuttle option seemed crazy expensive at ~$45 round trip. I was planning to go to the Old Town hot springs later in the week, but chickened out due to all of the bruises on my legs I acquired while skiing - they looked gross and made me feel more self-conscious than usual. The hotel had a decent hot tub, so I used that instead. Next time for sure!

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