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Staying in Ski Shape through summer


Staff member
As soon as our MTB trails opened I went "YIPIEEEE" and rode for hours every day, happy as a small child in a playground. Aaaaaaaaand, now I'm on the couch with either a pulled hip flexor or the beginnings of piriformis syndrome.

Because I didn't stretch. And I'm old. And I should have known better.

I did a bunch of hip stability/mobility/strength/balance training this time before I head to the slopes and I definitely think it helped loads. Think things like 90-90 movements, deep squats, deeps squats with internal and external rotation of each hip, standing on one leg whilst doing internal/external rotation exercises of the other hip.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Then I learned how to stand on my skis and how to ski efficiently (from Ursula) and now, with NO off season ski specific training, I ski all day every day with no fatigue, no sore muscles and no achy knees. On day two this year, I skied a long, 6 mile, 3600 vertical foot run off Lone Peak nonstop. No fatigue. No burning or achy muscles. And I've skied every single day since Thanksgiving except for 2 days.
What did you change specifically that you feel like helped with the knee pain? I googled patellar tendonitis and sounds a lot like my achy/stiff knees during skiing season.
Skiing with weight consistently over the balls of my feet and with more upright boots which allowed a more vertical femur angle on my weight bearing leg (outside ski). Also, Ursula’s “long leg-short leg” turn initiation method which allows me to carry my weight during the high G force part of turns (after the fall line) on a “long leg” so I’m standing on my skeleton, not engaging my muscles as much or putting any stress on my outside knee to hold me in the turn. (Pretty much the opposite of race technique).
:bump: for the N. American off-season that comes before the 2019-20 season. Although could be good ideas for the Southern Hemisphere pre-season. Lifts start running in Australia in less than a month.

My focus for the next few months will be on flexibility and core strength. Have already done my favorite stretching sequence a few times in the last few weeks since my last ski day in late April. Also plan to pull out the foam roller more regularly. Had very tight calves all winter.

I’m “patiently” awaiting the ridiculously rainy spring we’ve been having in MA to go away so I can work on some fun workouts I have planned such as learning to inline skate (requires dry ground!!! :frusty:)

In the meantime, I’ve upped the days I’m spending in the gym at lunchtime. I had fallen off the wagon a bit at the latter end of ski season, and when I started doing classes again a few weeks ago, it hurt! Much better now.. I’m doing a Bodypump class on Mondays which is group weights to music (that’s what hurt so much the first time, lots of squats), and Wednesdays are yoga. When I’m in the office on Fridays I’m doing a core specific class. Then I’ll throw in some cardio here and there, I really hate traditional cardio so that is where I’m hoping to integrate skating more down the road, I like to jump rope and hike outside as well. In a couple of weeks I’ll be working from home most Fridays, and my much loved outdoor early morning yoga classes will begin, can’t wait they are by the water and such a treat!!!!!

Randi M.

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
For a non-competitive skier, I would think anything that maintains core and lower body strength and flexibility would be ideal. A combination of pilates/yoga and cycling/running/hiking with some HIIT thrown in is probably all that a person needs.

@MissySki, I despise treadmills, stationary bikes and StairMasters and much prefer things like skiing and hiking (or at least running by the river on a nice day), but this rainy spring has forced me to be creative. I take cycling classes (which I actually love) and have also found some apps and YouTube videos that take you through self-guided classes, which I've been using on cardio equipment at the gym. Not quite the same as being outside, but they help get me through the 45 minutes on the spin bike at the gym.
For HIIT indoors, could consider indoor rock climbing. I don't do it regularly and am only an intermediate climber (5.6/5.7). Much less boring way to work on cardio. :smile:


Staff member
I'm a water baby. I love our cottage property for that. So in the summer I'm usually in the water or on it.

Many years ago I took up dragon boat racing. The local club had a great coach. He left and as far as I'm concerned things have been steadily going downhill. So I decided to up my game this year and move to a different club. This involves 2 weekday practices at 10am, 1 1/2hr hours away from home. But there are 3 others, so we are car-pooling. There is also a 4pm practice on Sunday....ah, drive into eastern Toronto on a Sunday in the summer....not unless I really, really have too. So I'm missing work on those 2 mornings right now.

DB Paddling is a total work out. Not just your arms. It's core, it's back, it's hips and legs, and shoulders.

My name is on the roster for the first race in June. I noticed that there are only 22 names for our crew. Which now makes me wonder if I might be chosen for Canadian Nationals in July. 20 paddlers and 2 spares...22.

All of this too is to make the crew for the CCWC championship next summer in FRANCE!!


Angel Diva
  • Pilates on Monday.
  • Running on Tuesday.
  • Weights on Wednesday.
  • Running on Thursday.
  • Abs everyday, using exercises from here:

At Christmas, DH gave me a gift certificate for a few training sessions at the local gym, so I’m scheduling a session for this weekend to get some more input on options.

I had a really great season last year and I attribute a good portion of it to being in better shape than prior years. I’m hoping to up my game for next year.


Susan L

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I play golf everyday during my “off” season. I usually walk 9 holes ~3.5miles in 2 hours. My home course is on the foothills so the elevation changes. On weekends I walk 18 holes. That’s the only exercise I do. No gyms for me.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Riding bike to work a couple times a week. Im working towards doing the whole 14.5 ride.
Martial arts. Definitely a good core and balance activity
Bodyweight training
I wanna skateboard but not when theres other people at the skate park hahaha


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
How is everyone doing with their summer regiment? I must confess, mine has not been as stringent as I'd planned and already feeling some anxiety about getting ski ready :faint:


Angel Diva

Susan L

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I am still playing golf everyday. Walking 9 holes during the week and riding the cart for 18 holes on weekends. Water aerobics starts next week, twice a week until Sept. then I will switch to pilates reformer until ski season begins in November.

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