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State Ski Associations Release Opening Guidelines


Angel Diva
More details are coming out about reservation systems that aren't Epic or Ikon.

Here's what Killington is doing for parking reservations. Presumably the other Powdr resorts using parking reservations will be following the same model. Looks like they are using the 7-day "priority" and "week of" concept that VR came up with for the Epic lift access reservation system.


Parking reservations are an important part of us ensuring all at the resort are able to appropriately physically distance. The parking reservation system will be in place every day of the season and parking spaces  must be reserved before arriving to the resort to ensure availability. Starting Thursday, November 5, at 10:00 a.m. you  can book up to seven advance days throughout the season. Once the season begins, you will also be able to book an unlimited number of days in the immediate rolling 7-day window. As your advance days fall into the rolling 7-day window, you can book additional advance days, only  reserving up to seven at any given time. See more details and examples to better explain how it works here.
We will continue to ask guests to treat your car like a base lodge and, if you can, boot up at your car. After further consideration and feedback from you – our core guests – we understand that for some access to the lodge to put boots on in the morning is needed. We will allow guests to boot up in a lodge (if building capacity allows); however, bags cannot be left in the lodge and bag check will be moved to a new location that can be accessed at the end of the day from outside.


Angel Diva
I expect all Vermont ski resorts to include mention of VT travel restrictions when they send out email updates. Here's what was in the update from Killington on Oct. 30 (bold added). Note that there is no mention of the current alternative of a 7-day self-quarantine followed by a negative COVID-19 test.

"Although we announced our anticipated opening dates at Killington and Pico this date continues to be dependent on having top-to-bottom skiing and riding with access to multiple base area lifts. If Mother Nature does not allow us to achieve this, we will delay our opening date. From Opening Day through Sunday, November 22, access to the mountain will be reserved for Killington Season Passholders and Ikon guests only. Express Card Holders, day tickets, buddy passes, vouchers etc. will be accepted starting Monday, November 23, and will be on-sale beginning Friday, November 6. Per state of Vermont guidance, guests can travel to Vermont only from approved counties on the Vermont Travel map or need to quarantine for 14 days prior to their arrival. This travel map is updated on a weekly basis, every Tuesday and we expect this policy to be in place throughout the season."

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