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Spider veins


Angel Diva
ok gals, new hot topic! Our legs!!! We dream about putting on short shorts and feeling proud of our legs. Our sports activities help to shape amd tone them, a nice side effect of skiing, golf, cycling etc
But what about spider veins?? Last night I was aghast to notice many many more of them than showed up last summer. Why? Could the skiing be making them worst? Is it because I'm losing weight so they just show up more?
More importantly any tips to minimize/prevent more? Rubbing thighs with foam rollers? Creams?
Serious topic ladies, your help is needed!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I'm interested to hear tips too. Weight loss I think does make them more visible. I have a big vein in each calf. been there forever they have gotten more squiggly as I got older but doesn't bother me so I've never done anything about it. My aunt had her veins stripped? when I was little, I remember her lying on the couch w/mercurchrome red stuff all over her legs. they came back as she aged! sorry I'm not much help!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have developed quite a few myself...I've heard the most common cause is being on your feet alot, which I am with my gardening biz.

Also, hormonal fluctuations, age...

Arnica gel has eliminated mine that were close to the surface...you need injections for the deeper ones. I've also heard higher dose of Vitamin C can prevent new ones by strengthening the vascular walls...

I swear by MAC Face and Body to cover them...makes your legs look super pretty!