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Southwestern trip


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Well, there's nothing like a whirlwind vacation to get over the fact that ski season is done for me. I find that going away after I'm done skiing for the year makes the transition easier. This year it was a trip to the Southwest starting in Phoenix and including stops in Sedona, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Taos, Colorado Springs and Denver! I'm kept so busy planning the trip and running myself ragged while on it that I don't have time to think about skiing.
Here are a few pictures from the trip.
This one is in Sedona--flowers with red rock formations in the background

The next one is is the resort we stayed at in Taos (no we didn't go look at the ski area while there . . .)

This one is the view of the Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak from the hotel in Colorado Springs

And finally this one is the city of Denver taken from the Red Rocks Amphitheatre
What a great idea. We ended up doing this also. Went to southern california for a week to visit my friends and take a road trip to Death Valley, Yosemite and stayed in Mammoth. It was great fun and because I was very preoccupied for weeks/days before in taking care of lodging, car rental and just overall planning of the trip I didn't think about skiing as much. It was a nice tool to keep me busy and transition into summer. Might have to do this every year. Your pictures were beautiful @NewEnglandSkier

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