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So what pass(es) do you have for '22/'23?


Angel Diva
The Senior version of this pass is pretty reasonable and I'm working at getting old enough to get the really cheap version!

Too many of us old folks still skiing I guess.
Yup. We are the “energizer bunny” generation… we keep going and going and going! I credit modern medicine and our determination to remain youthful - wrinkles not withstanding!


Angel Diva
Yes it was Owl's Head. But they didn't make any money, like they thought they would. Yes the place was full of seniors on Tuesday, but they didn't buy anything as they were so used to bringing their own lunches and hot drinks in Thermos's.

New owners now, so most likely long gone.

Yeah, sort of like my gang. We get the cheapest pass and hardly ever buy anything. Always bring our lunch. So I doubt Tremblant makes much money out of us old fogies! But I skied with my family on Boxing Day and with their day tickets and lunch, my daughter figured they paid way more than I did for my season pass!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
7 Day Ikon, Gore, Whiteface, Bellayre Pass. and home bump Royal. I did not renew my NE Epic will go West more instead or ski on Epic buddy passes if I want to make a guest appearance somewhere, lol .


Angel Diva
It all makes my head spin. Ive kept a spreadsheet the last few seasons to see if major passes are worth it. They haven’t been too enticing bc we have to travel 6+ hrs to reach any ikon/epic resorts but we are hoping to travel more next season. Currently considering an Indy pass or an Ikon 4 day. I will also buy a pick-a-night pass for my local mountain.


Certified Ski Diva
My Epic Australia pass is ready to go! Haven't skiied since 2019, I'm absolutely desperate and excited to get back out there. We're expected to get our first dump of snow next week, so I'm ready to pull the trigger if they open Perisher a week early, on 4 June or thereabouts. Here's hoping.


Angel Diva
Epic Northeast Midweek Pass for when I'm in Vermont/New Hampshire. And this coming season, Beech, Sugar, Cataloochee and Wolf Ridge in North Carolina will be free for me! YIPPEE!!!! For Steamboat Race Camp I'll get the huge Crescent Ski Council discount for that week.

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