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So what pass(es) do you have for '22/'23?

ski diva

Staff member
I got the Ikon Base pass, the Epic Northeast Midweek Pass, and a midweek pass for Bromley, a smaller ski area here in Vermont.

What about you?
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Angel Diva
I have the Platinum New England Pass which includes Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Loon. It also comes with an Ikon base pass.


Angel Diva
I got Full Ikon using the renewal discount since I know I'll be skiing Alta in April. Will also have a pass for my home mountain, Massanutten in northern Virginia.

I have enough trips planned out west that I won't get the Indy Pass for 2022-23.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
So far I have an Ikon base pass, a Wachusett Steel (M-Th) pass, and a Taos midweek (also M-Th) pass. So assuming DH's sabbatical plans work out, that has me covered for early and late season in MA, two (yes 2!) ski weeks, and skiing in CO.


Angel Diva
Ikon Base, full Mad River Glen. Still debating on pulling the trigger on Indy Base but I’ll probably go for it before prices go up.


Angel Diva
Ikon. I got the one without the extra 5 or 7 days. Would consider upgrading if that's an option in the future, but I didn't have any plans set up for next season. Wait, didn't someone say Taos...? Hmmm.


Certified Ski Diva
Full Ikon, Epic local, and Belleayre local passes. I will be at 30 days this year having the ikon + epic passes and hoping to do just as many days if not more next season.


Angel Diva
Ikon Base pass and Middlebury Snow Bowl pass for next season. We’re all set for our soon-to-be new life in Vermont.


Angel Diva
Full Mt. Rose which includes holidays and weekends if we want it. Ikon base pass which covers BBMR, Palisades Tahoe, and Mammoth. It will also cover 5 days in Taos. Others than that we don’t expect to travel much next year.


Angel Diva
As usual, Tremblant Tonik pass which covers most days and includes three floater days that can be used during blackout periods (with the exception of two holiday days when I wouldn't want to go anyway). The Senior version of this pass is pretty reasonable and I'm working at getting old enough to get the really cheap version!

I remember when I was young hearing that a nearby mountain (might have been Owls Head) gave free skiing at age 60. And I remember thinking, wow, how could anyone ever ski when they're that old! Now you have to be practically decrepit to get the best deal at Tremblant - and it's not free. Too many of us old folks still skiing I guess.


Staff member
Yes it was Owl's Head. But they didn't make any money, like they thought they would. Yes the place was full of seniors on Tuesday, but they didn't buy anything as they were so used to bringing their own lunches and hot drinks in Thermos's.

New owners now, so most likely long gone.


Angel Diva
We got the Indy pass this year, so hoping to make a road trip out east to use a few of the days, in addition to the days in Michigan. The chances of us making it to Diva East/West just aren’t good enough for us to buy Ikon, since we have the possibility of an overseas trip in the fall, too. Gotta save somewhere, I guess.

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