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So now that you're not skiing......

ski diva

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What's your favorite way to spend the weekend? Mountain biking? Having fun on a SUP? Hiking? Climbing? Kayaking? Or do you just chill out or hit the Farmer's Markets?


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I have trouble fitting everything in lately. My plan for Saturday is a MTB ride, dog agility class, yoga, take the dogs out to the reservoir and SUP.


Angel Diva
I am still winding down from the end of the school year which means burning DVDs, printing photos, cleaning the room, laundry, packing up costumes, etc. This summer will be weird for us. Usually we travel a bit, hit the cabin a bit, whatever we feel like really. DS is taking a college summer class so ...? No clue. I'll let you know when we figure out what there is to do in San Diego in the summer. We usually leave. This year, we will explore our home town.

santacruz skier

Angel Diva
Ride mountain bike, run, CORE class @ gym, hike, kayak, spend time in Tahoe @ Northstar, San Diego for a few nights, Puerto Vallarta for a week……That'll take me through July…...

santacruz skier

Angel Diva
I have trouble fitting everything in lately. My plan for Saturday is a MTB ride, dog agility class, yoga, take the dogs out to the reservoir and SUP.
Good thing days are long:smile:
Farmers markets and strawberry picking on saturdays.. Just set up the patio/backyard umbrella with the base and table in our backyard. Sundays are pedicures, mimosas/breakfast in the backyard, hammock time, gardening. Usually BBQ on both nights. I do my working out, running, pilates, yoga during the week. Sometimes we'll do a little hiking on the weekends.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Gardening all last weekend.. I find great satisfaction to be had by that and general pottering at home. Perhaps go for a walk around the fields and woods, or go for a run if my achy gardening muscles can take it (they didn't last weekend!). We love having friends round for lunch or supper. and BBQ loads when the great British summer permits, with post BBQ evenings spent lolling about by the firepit.
Currently mid extension on the kitchen, so quite a bit of DIY too. It's all quite exciting...the wall comes down next week (so lots of clearing up mess!).
Should go running more....Missing skiing all the time....Hoping to head to Italy and explore the Dolomites for the first time in late July. There won't be snow, but it's an excellent research opportunity.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
The next four weekends are booked: DH's parents, DH's parents, visiting my parents, and then a friend in town. I'd like to do some hiking in between those events ...


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Well normally I'd be paddling something. Dragon Boat, SUP, Kayak...but the knees are not allowing anything so far. I am travelling with the race team next weekend to a race...Arm chair QB/Coach.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Getting into the summer schedule. Girls have swim practice and meets. Fun weekend trips ahead and then 6 day camping trip with 7 other families 15 adults/21 kids with canoeing and hanging out on the beach!!! Blessed with friends who have a lakehouse and invite us every year. August pretty much starts swim conditioning for daughter and then getting ready for back to school. It always goes way too fast.

I will savor downtime with reading and impromptu happy hours on the patio.

Forgot to mention we are also looking at renovating our family room to finally make it useable.
Off to the auto parts store because I grabbed the wrong bulb out of the taillight for my Jeep, replaced the back up light instead of the blinker/brake doh. Well it probably would have blown eventually right so why not replace it now. At $1.40 a bulb I may just buy 2 and have a spare. Proud of myself for saving money, can only imagine how much my mechanic at my local garage would have charged me. Actually my guy probably would have been fair, its the dealership that would have hosed me.

Then I will grab the paper and set up shop under our new lovely shaded patio area in the backyard. Feel kinda bad cause DH has been talking about exercising. I went a few times this week and like to relax on the weekends this time of year. DH has a habit of working too late during the week so he doesn't work out as much as I do.


Angel Diva
Mainly hiking and a few holidays mainly involving hiking. Norway for a week soon, then got a week on Skye in July. My plan for part of September is to drive the north coast 500 (it's a 500 mile route around the North of Scotland), saw it on a telly programme the other day, and I quite like road trips and I really want to go up bealach an ba and that's on the route. And there's a few hills up there I want to go up too.


Angel Diva
I have so many house and yard projects scheduled for this summer and fall that I will scarcely come up for air much before Columbus Day weekend...<sigh> 2 big ones down, at least 8 to go. :eek: Installing 2 rooms of laminate, first room happens week before July 4, requiring full vacation week of DH. Worried about what subfloor will look like once carpeting goes. Might be re-flooring that. TBD. Rain came early, so no asphalt crack-sealing today. Generally, we go through about 8 gallons of that stuff per year.

snow addict

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I mostly chill. BBQs, picnics, wine tasting during open doors events at local producers, camping at music festivals, boating. No regular sports at all, little bit of wakeboarding bike rides and a few hikes up the Saleve if it's not too hot - all the trails up are very steep, so the hike is an intense 3-4 hours climb, not the best when it's hot.
Off to go strawberry picking and hit the other farmers market that opens up today. Does anyone else have a DH that isn't a morning person and its very hard to get them out of the house.......................... I am seriously thinking we need to take 2 cars skiing next year because I like to get going a little earlier in the day.

Irish festival today and tomorrow, planning to go tomorrow as my bosses band is playing but thunderstorms are a coming. Maybe it will keep some of the crowds away.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Stupid question...does everyone not BBQ the rest of the year?

Normally I'd be hiking, biking and climbing at this time of year. This year I haven't been hiking in over a month, biking for longer, or climbing at all. Swimming a couple times a week as the only exercise that (mostly) doesn't bother my mystery foot injury that showed up 7 weeks ago. I guess it's a good time to be in a job that seems to require me to bring it home with me.
In the spring/summer/fall we BBQ all the time but have to stop in the winter once the snow gets piled up because we don't have a deck and getting to the BBQ is quite a feat. Usually from late December until March or April we just stare it longingly through the window and use the crock pot or oven instead.

We have't been hiking at all so far this spring but hoping to go soon.. Its been raining a lot so I blame the rain on my lack of hiking, that and work has been hell. So when the weekends come around all I want to do is chill on the hammock in the back yard with my adult beverage of choice and a book.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Unplug. Kayaking. It's a great stress reliever, just being on the water.

I love being in nature. Birds singing, wind in the treetops, the water lapping on the boat, watching little water bugs swim laps around the water lilies, catching a whiff of cedar from the nearby trees, seeing mama ducks with the babies, a deer coming to the water for a drink.

Simple pleasures.

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