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Snowmass and Mammoth


Diva in Training
I'm a blue skier who has only skied Mammoth off and on the past ten years. I ski with my husband (expert), my two teen boys (13&14) who are now better than me and ski black diamond, and my 6 year old boy who skis with my husband.
Anything to expect, moving from CA mammoth to CO? I don't do well with ice and am skiing on 20 year old, skinny Dynastars. Wondering if I should upgrade before our trip. I'd love to know what to expect and to keep up with my boys!


Angel Diva
I just saw your post. Mammoth is my "home" mountain, and I got back from a Snowmass trip with my ski club a couple of weeks ago.

Snowmass is awesome. It's a huge mountain and has lots of blues, too many for me to try all over the span of a 5 day trip. They seem to rotate what's groomed, so you'll find freshly groomed runs (and there are whiteboards at the bottom of the chairs that tip you off) and runs that were groomed within the last 2-3 days.

I would upgrade skis, or maybe boots first, then later skis. I think you'll enjoy the new ones. Welcome to the ski diva forum!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Hi From me too! Sorry your thread got lost.. Plenty of Big Blue Cruisers in CO. I love Copper, Keystone and Snowmass especially.
Skis definitely u[grade. 20yr old skis you'll be amazed how easy new skis are! Suggest you demo demo demo.. spring time is great time to get good deals too. Often this year (and last yr's) Skis are the same they only change the top sheet.

Definitely boots first.. (our mantra- marry your boots, date your skis)
Hope your move goes well and not to worry you'll have TONS Of great skiing!!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Somehow, I missed this also! As much as I love Mammoth- nothing touches those long cruising blues at Snowmass. New boots first- use a good fitter, and then get yourself a midfat ski with a waist between 80-90. No worries about ice as there will be less ice than Mammoth!

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