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Driving around the Champlain Valley (VT) this weekend I could see that the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks both got dustings of snow- I could even see snow on the trails at Whiteface. I didn't see anything on their website but sure enough it made the local news: https://www.mynbc5.com/article/storm-brings-snow-to-whiteface-mountain/29505648

Definitely not enough to ski yet, but winter weather is just around the corner! (Or, it will become unseasonably warm for the next 3 weeks straight after I post this. New England, after all).


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I got this from a friend of mine who lives up there. I’m in Chicago where it’s cold and grey and we have only an inch. It’s so much prettier up in MI.
We have more than a dusting at home. Killington reports 2” today, for a total of 16”!

Okemo hasn’t updated it’s snow report in a week. What’s up with that? I guess since they aren’t opening for 8 days, they’re not in a hurry to post the snow report.

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