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Snack Ideas?

Randi M.

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
What snacks do you carry on you when you ski? One of my sons (and, if I’m being honest, my husband), can flip from totally fine to hangry on a dime. It’s happened a couple of times when we’ve just made our way over to an awesome but somewhat remote part of a mountain, and I’d love to have fuel in my pocket that gets them through a run or two!


Angel Diva
Things that are easy to stash in a ziplock in a pocket:

RxBars or Cliff bars
Ziplock of mixed nuts and dried fruit
Clementines, already peeled and sectioned
Cut up apples


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Cheese sticks, Cliff bars, beef jerky, those Kind fruit bars, and for kiddos Pop tarts! Pop tarts are alarmingly high in calories and they're just so much fun. Also highly recommend a flexible water bottle. Sometimes we think we're hungry but our bodies are actually craving water. I found a 3 pack on Amazon last year for about $5
I have a baggie of mixed nuts and chocolate chips. I also like those little packages of peanut butter crackers - filled with sodium and fat, no doubt, but hits the spot.

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