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Snüx boot gloves

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In another thread about keeping your toes warm, someone mentioned boot gloves. I checked REI and saw a couple of options, and decided to go for the Snüx.

The product is neoprene that fits over and around the base of the boot with fine hook and eye closure. REI just had two colors but there are more. I got the super bright orange ones.

They come in one size fits all, and on my women's size 7 feet that means a lot of extra material. I have to sort of hike them up for a snug fit at the front of the boot and then make sure I have a tight wrap on the closure. Performance-wise, this has not created an issue. They just look kind of dorky.

Full disclosure, I have been using hot hands to warm the boots on the ride up to the mountain, meaning that my feet go into already somewhat warm boots. That said, I'm pleased with this purchase. I've skied on days that have been as cold as 9° wind chill, and I have never once felt that my toes were cold, even when the snow is deep enough to make it above my toes. I also have no trouble walking with these on the boots.

These were nearly or about twice the cost of the other brand that REI carries. I believe I paid around $90. But I'd read reviews that talked about how the design of those other ones means they can wear out more quickly. Plus with REI's generous return policy, I knew there wasn't much of a risk if these didn't work out for me. No regrets.

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Thanks for posting this. A lot of us have been curious about this product, since it’s fairly new. Good to have a first hand report.

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