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Skiing on the Cheap 2020-2021



Angel Diva
Brighton in SLC is having a sale this week for the 2-day Go Card for $159.

"This transferrable card has two pre-loaded days, valid for seven hours (or until closing) starting from the first scan. Ride anytime, no reservations required."


Angel Diva
For those in driving distance of NJ, Big SNOW is ending their sale on Cyber Monday. The 6-pack is $99 for 6 visits any time, no reservations required.


Angel Diva
Not that much of a deal but can get $25 off the Mountain Collective Pass this week. Sounds like after early Dec, the MCP won't be offered again for 2020-21.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
FYI - there are some amazing prices on The Ski Monster website in their outlet. Mindbender 98ti Alliance for only $199 for example. Free shipping too. Certainly worth a browse.
@diymom Ohhh yes and the Hestra Heli Ski 3- finger mitt in Red- $79!

Must not buy more ski stuff, I kind of went on a bender yesterday and bought some pants, bibs, and skins :doh:

In my defense I did get some awesome deals, except on the bibs which I couldn't find discounted in the color/size combo I wanted. Those were actually from Ski Monster and will arrive today to try on. So we'll see if they stay or not haha.
What bibs did you get? Mine just arrived today. After I try them on I'll post over in the bib thread.
The Flylow Moxie.. I'm hoping they work on my hips/butt since the Foxy was a bit too snug for me in a S and huge on me in M. The Moxie is supposed to be more relaxed of a fit, so I'm crossing my fingers! Otherwise I give up on bibs as just not working for me haha.

Which did you get?
TNF Freedom. They come in short length too if you can find it, which I sadly need.
I had actually looked at those because I liked the flower child pattern. (ended up getting the Freedom pant in that pattern instead because I liked it so much haha :smile:). I think they will go nicely with a bunch of my jackets. North Face does fit me well, so I was curious if the bib would fit and haven't seen them to try on yet.. I wanted a true uninsulated shell for a bib because I want to use them for backcountry and get hot on the uphill. We'll see how the Moxie does, I'll update that other thread when I get them later today as well.. I ordered the blue "Night" color.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Just read in the Boston Globe that Pat's Peak is starting up their adult weekday clinics, as well as their Women's clinics. Formorning lift ticket, clinic, and lunch (and brekkie for the women's) it is a pretty good deal.
For the adult one morning is $40, 5 for $175, 10 for $300. For the women's it's $70 for a single, or 7 for $300. I'm not sure why the women's is more, the brekkie can't cost that much, except maybe the groups tend to be smaller. It's just too bad it isn't a full day ticket to go back out and ski after lunch.
@diymom I enjoyed my first day of the season at Pat's Peak last Monday, so I went to look at the Women's Clinic and the series is sold out! But it says you can still do a single day for $70.

I did some reading and re-reading on their website to understand why an adult one morning is $40 vs. $70 for the women's clinic! I think maybe the women's might be longer...I'm so curious that I might email them to ask.
Pennsylvania Powder Package - 7 Springs MLK weekend hotel + lift ticket deals

7 Springs is having a special deal. This wknd, check in on Sunday, check out next Tuesday, 2 adults + 2 kids (under 12 stay for free) - slope side hotel lodging with lift tickets only $540. My friend alerted me this, as they have never seen such a good deal before. They saw Saturday is available yesterday and waited till today to book. Now Sat. is check in is no longer available. but Sunday is.


Go to the website, look up Sunday check in and when you want to check out, it should pop up Pennsylvania Powder.

(Depends on room type, the one I choose was even cheaper).


Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 8.55.24 PM.png

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ski diva

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Friday nights at Shawnee Peak, in Bridgton, Maine, sponsored by LL Bean:

Ski for just $25 from 3:30PM to 9 PM. Tickets must be purchased online in advance.
For 2020-21 Massanutten in VA has a $20 special the last two hours. Either 3:00-5:00 when there isn't night skiing or 7:00-9:00 when the lifts keep running until 9pm on Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon.

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