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Skiing on the Cheap, '18/'19

Interesting, there is a Flash Sale for Alpine Meadows. $79 for a weekday ticket. Happened to notice because I was curious about lightning holds today and went to the SquawAlpine website. Implication that other Flash Sales may happen later.

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Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I was just browsing clearance items at REI and was reminded that they have discounted lift tickets for members. I'm not sure how good of a deal most are-- from a quick glance some might be about the same as you can get direct from mountain online or through liftopia or getskitickets, but I did notice there are some deals like the learn- to package at Wachusett for $70 that I haven't seen elsewhere.
Never realized that REI sells discounted lift tickets online. Not sure the prices are better than advanced purchase online direct from the ski areas involved though. The discount varies quite a bit between ski areas, which include more than one region in the U.S.

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