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Skiing, fear + mental blocks, and frustration


Angel Diva
I just went back and looked at your original post. I am so very happy for and excited for you. How inspirational.

Lots of cheers from here!!!
Also - I feel like every possible victory and success should be huzzahed this year.


Certified Ski Diva
Photos of the mentioned runs.

Cat track I haven't been on in over a year.

View attachment 13558

Technical black run. (already part way down it when taking this photo)

View attachment 13555

The point at which I completely gave up on the technical black run. The line goes around the right hand side of the rocks directly below me, and then across to the left, under the other rocks. I never actually saw the rest of the run. I was promised it got better/easier and I was nearly through the hardest bit but I couldn't make myself continue. Considering how far I got, it's really frustrating that I couldn't just finish it off.

View attachment 13556

For comparison, non-technical black run I did multiple fun and successful laps of, on the same day:

View attachment 13554
View attachment 13557
Is this Mt. Hutt?

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