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Skiing Dictionary


Angel Diva
A Bluebird Day
To me it's one of those gorgeous days of sunshine where the sky is perfectly blue with innocent little clouds like cotton balls. Not sure if other people use the term?


Certified Ski Diva
Yes, we use bluebird all the time. But, to us here it means usually no clouds either.


Certified Ski Diva
In the "White Room" - when you ski powder and it is so deep that you get snow over your head and face, temporarily blocking your vision. That means you were "in the white room" for just a bit :smile:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
What is a "red" category for a ski run, i.e. in Europe? (How does it compare to green/blue/black/double black?)

Are there other categories?

santacruz skier

Angel Diva
IMHO reds in Europe (have skied many areas in Europe) are like blue/blacks in Colorado. We don't really have blue/blacks in Tahoe in places I ski. Or I've seen double blues in Colorado and Utah which I guess are like blue/blacks or red. Funny I skied this really long run in Chamonix (Les Houches area) that started as blue, then turned to red, then turned to black and IMO it was basically the same the whole way down. So I'm not sure why the ratings kept changing....Maybe a little more challenging as I kept skiing, but not that noticeable.

ski diva

Staff member
Just a reminder: we have a number of Divas for whom English is a second language. So I think it'd be helpful if we updated this now and then. Anyone have any more terms to share?


Angel Diva
Talk of early season conditions in the northeast reminded me of a term that didn't make much sense when I first saw it. "Rock skis" are usually an older pair of skis that get used any time there isn't quite enough snow coverage so that the chance of skiing over rocks or wood that would cause minor (or major) damage to the base is higher. Does just apply to advanced skiers. During early season, can be poor coverage at the base because of lack of snow.

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