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Question: Ski sizing


Diva in Training
Hello, I am new to this awesome community. I have a question for you shredding ladies out there:
What size of skis do you guys use for powder skis?
My level is intermediate/advanced, I am 5'4" and 135lbs. I like open mountain skiing, and some tree skiing as well.
I have a pair of brand new powder skis- K2 luv boat 108. The only thing is they are size 177 cm long. I don't know if that is too long?
I love the skis but they are in original wrapping and can't decide if I should sell them or keep them. I would love to keep them. I've spent hours looking for other powder skis for women (which is like almost impossible) and they are all available in long in sizes compared to by 165 cm I ski now.

So I was hoping some of you guys could help out.
Thank you!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have two pairs of powder boards, and am 5'5" around 135#. The go to everyday powder boards are 176 long and 106 underfoot. The other are 178 super soft and 115 underfoot. Good for only one thing: Powder. If the tip is super soft on the Luv Boat it will ski much shorter on firmer snow, if regular camber, trad non powder profile it will not and would probably be too long. Can you demo a pair on hardpack? That is usually my approach and then I try them on the long side if they are soft as too short if soft spells trouble if you like to drive your skis really hard.

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