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Ski season and the sad state of my living room


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Every winter my living room and dining table are taken over by piles of mittens, pants, neck warmers, socks, snow pants, ski gear, etc. It's a giant pile of insanity and we sift through it every time we ski, grabbing what we want. I wash everything regularly then it gets literally thrown into the pile. There's a bin with some things inside but mostly stuff all around it. Jackets are hung on every chair in the kitchen, on the exercise bike, over the edge of the couch. It's a disaster, lol.

Suggestions? What do you all do? It's two teenagers and us.
Everything gets packed back in my boot bag/backpack except clothing that is hung in a particular closet. You could purchase some large bins and label them for each person and once the items are dry, they go back in the bin. Add some wall hooks, one set of hooks per person. Label maker may be helpful here!


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We are a family of five, so we needed a system otherwise would be insanity too! Baselayers and socks are in our dressers. Jackets in the closet. We have a sturdy bag we put our gloves, gaiters, balaclavas etc together, and another bag for pants/bibs. We keep these bags with our helmets and boots in a corner in the basement. We bring this stuff up when we ski. It’s a flight of stairs but worth it so we know where everything is. When we are done skiing, we let our stuff dry, and then everything goes back to the original place.


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When I travelled to ski I would have all the accessories in my bag. Actually jacket, pants, sweater, all that bulky stuff hanging in a closet in the spare room. Baselayers and t-neck in a specific drawer.

When we packed to go, it was usually weekends, I would go through the lot and take out what I wouldn't need based on the weather reports.

Now that I'm in condo and skiing the same place, I have drawers and closets. So all the socks, mitts/gloves, baselayers and T necks have their own drawer. My 2 suits, down sweater and fleece hang in the closet. There is another drawer for utility stuff...extra goggles/lenses, batteries and the chargers, gummy stone, all that crap you collect and not sure if you'll ever need, but it's there...

Growing up, I would never have been allowed to put anything on the table or chairs. There was always a place to put it in my room.


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We use an indoor drying rack in the living room rather than a table - visually easier! We travel to ski and usually have 5-6 adults, nearly all of whom have black gloves and various black base/midlayers that need washing at least once per trip...I'm slowly transitioning to all purple/pink/patterns and colours to try and fix this.


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trip...I'm slowly transitioning to all purple/pink/patterns and colours to try and fix this.
I buy patterned socks for myself, plain socks for my husband. The rest of the gear is black, but we can figure out who wears what.

Lucky for me all my gloves, mittens, neck ups, balaclavas, etc. stay in my locker; his stuff lives in the condo. Otherwise our similar gear would be an issue.


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We use an indoor drying rack in the living room rather than a table
Brilliant! It's time for me to embrace this method. Until now I've limited my hand wash items to what can fit on my various hanging spaces, but an indoor drying rack would allow me to dry all my stuff at once and add some much needed humidity to my house.

I use @ski now work later 's method for my and my family's gear. Boots, gloves, goggles, helmet, and balaclava stay in my heated boot bag to dry and warm up in the morning. Pants and Jackets go into the entry closet. I was thinking if you didn't have a closet large enough for everyones clothes, maybe one of those temporary rolling racks would work. Have it by the door for everyone when they come in and then roll it out of the way during meals.


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We have a small 50s style house with no closet space. Boots go in the front closet on trays. Helmet, googles, mittens go in a milk-crate-style bin. They stack and also go in the closet.

Snow pants & parkas on hooks at kid height on the door & wall.

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