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Ski Nightmares (literally)

Fluffy Kitty

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
The fall leaf colors herald the return of... the :eek:SKIING-RELATED NIGHTMARES:eek:

My skiing nightmares usually involve arriving at the slope to discover that I'd forgotten my boots, and/or that the snow quality really sucks, and/or I am applying the wrong wax, and/or that I cannot find my car, and/or that they've replaced the lift chairs with rollercoasters, things like that.

But, now I have a new, interesting one! Some guy on the lift (because I had just read the thread about guys on lifts) talked me into buying a very nice pair of cross-country skis, at the top of the lift! The snow is very cruddy, but I manage to carve-ish my way down. I decide that it's not for me... and.. and... the nightmarish moment... I have to RETURN THEM! :hurt:

Share yours?
Okay I'm going on a skiing trip and I get there and have forgotten my skis, boots, and all my ski stuff. I thought I was the only one who dreams this kind of stuff.


Angel Diva
So far I haven't had one of those (racing my sailboat ones or repairing the damn thing .... regularly!)! I figure when my boat gets hauled I'll start having the spiders in my VT apartment ones, though. BRRRRR hate spiders!


Certified Ski Diva
My nightmare was that I showed up at the ski area, bought my non-transferable day pass, and then it turned out that my skis needed work that would take all day so I couldn't ski...


Angel Diva
It's warm and it's raining and the snow washes away. Been there, done that.
Yeah, we're kind of used to that by now. :(

Although, one of the best days we ever had at Belleayre was a day it was raining. We thought conditions would be terrible, but we went anyway because we already had lift tickets. The conditions were actually pretty good (not icy at all), and there were hardly any people there. Not that I would recommend heading to the slopes every time it rained...


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Although, one of the best days we ever had at Belleayre was a day it was raining.
I had 2 rain days last year that were amazing!!!!

This thread is interesting to me, never had a sports related nightmare. Instead, I have occasional night terrors (per DH) usually night before a highly stressful work day.... but I don't remember anything... ????

Fluffy Kitty

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Looks like I'm the only one who keeps having ski-related nightmares... Here's one from a few days ago:

The dream starts out with the usual: two inches of snow, total, on the ground, should have checked the webcam before heading out, all the snow is on a different mountain, the lodge is still not open way past opening hour, long line at the ticket window... I decide to give it a go anyway (brave!), so I get back to the car, and this guy goes, "Hey, did you know you can move your driver's seat back and forth?" gets in my car, and starts adjusting the seat, back and forth, up and down, tilt this way and that, saying that it's all wrong for my body shape. I'm like, "I don't care, get out of my car," and he just won't stop. The thing is, he is trying to adjust it from behind the seat, trying to reach the levers that are in the front, mumbling something or other about ergonomics being important. I mean, there is only two inches of snow on the ground; if I'm even a minute too late, it will be all tracked out!


Staff member
I had a weird one the other night. I drove up to Tremblant to move into the condo (seasonal rental) and the mountain was open and they were skiing. I grabbed my stuff and went up. Ran into all kinds of people I knew. Skied a second run. When I tried to get on the lift the next time, the liftee asked for my pass. I didn't have one. (Ikon....not here yet, maybe why). And they wouldn't let me back on. Then I woke up. So I guess I better remember to check for my pass before I head out.
I actually had my usual ski related dream last night . Went on a ski trip and got there and realized I didn't bring any ski stuff with me so I couldn't ski.... I forgot boots, skis, and ski clothes.

Fluffy Kitty

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I suppose no one‘s come up with getting to the ski hill naked one yet!

Hmmm... I've never had a nightmare as such where I am naked, because that alone doesn't really embarrass me in the dreams; usually there is a much bigger problem. I've had lots of nightmares where I was told to teach a class I was not prepared for, so more akin to being on the hill without equipment. Most of my nightmares about trying to get somewhere and being thwarted/delayed/diverted, and my ski dreams parallel that.

I hadn't really thought about nightmares having a common "core themes".

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