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Ski-day breakfast: what do you eat?


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I’m looking for some ski day breakfast inspiration.

A bagel with peanut butter is usually my go-to but at the hotel I’ve been staying at this year, bagels are a little out of the way and I won’t have access to a toaster. And with Covid, a hot hotel breakfast is out.

So what do you eat when you’re going to the hill? Do you bring food? Buy food? Make food? What has the right nutritional/energy balance to get you going? What do you do if you have limited equipment (say, a fridge but no stove)?


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I second frittatas as well as Greek yogurt and granola. I'm also a fan of a sausage-cheese breakfast sandwich if it's from a decent deli/general store. I only eat that heavy when I'm going to be active all day; I find that a protein-heavy breakfast keeps my energy pretty level for 4 or 5 hours and makes a Clif bar feel like an adequate lunch.

Boston girl

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Any breakfast sandwich is good with eggs/cheese/sausage on bagel w/cream cheese. Definitely need protein and fats and carbs.
Lunch Apples w/ sugarless peanut butter or Almond butter
I love cliff bars too for the ride home.


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I've been doing steel cut oats with chia seeds and add fruit to it. I also eat some pistachios on the side. Without a stove you could do overnight oats still. I usually ski pretty hard from 8-~2 or 2:3pm and I'm then ready for a snack.
Oatmeal, overnight or if there is a microwave. Yoghurt and fruit if there is fridge. If both a microwave and fridge...make ahead breakfast burrito's. Mini frittata's.
These are both great ideas. My hotel has both a fridge and a microwave and I’m bringing a small water boiler to make coffee, so I can absolutely make oatmeal or assemble a breakfast burrito if I do some prep work at home.


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We have a company that specializes in frozen food here in Canada. They have great breakfast burrito's. Costco have a frozen breakfast sandwich too. Haven't had it, so can't say what is tastes like....
I got tired of paying $9 for a glop of oatmeal at Sun Valley on our trips there (plus it was never hot enough), and started buying those cups of instant oats and using the coffeemaker to heat that water. That plus a banana and maybe a yogurt.

When I'm at home I'll pack hard boiled eggs or frittata and some fruit and bread and eat it in the car. If you are talking about weekends when you drive, you could make those and bring them, if your hotel room has a fridge.
I never liked yogurt but there's a local product (Ellenos), first made at the Pike Place Market, that is now being sold in stores here and by Amazon Fresh in "select markets." I'd recommend keeping an eye out for it. The passion fruit has these crunchy seeds and it outstanding. For @Pequenita, her favorite--marionberry.



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I like something with eggs for ski breakfasts, sometimes id fry an egg and put it between some bread with cream cheese and/or ham or similar, something basic enough for me to make while I'm still half asleep very early in the morning!! Or just some yoghurt, with some fruit if I have any :smile:

I've made frittatas in bulk before so I could just pull one out of the fridge and eat it. I make stuff like pasta which I can keep in the fridge and eat cold if needed for ski lunches.


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A banana or granola mixed in with either Greek yogurt or instant oatmeal (right now I'm very partial to this granola mix from Back Roads in Vt). If there's a toaster, good old PB&J. Hard-boiled eggs are great.
Then I pack a small bag of trail mix to which I add dried apricots and/or chewy banana bites (if I haven't had banana already) and I nosh on it through the day.
If I'm at a hotel with a decent breakfast (we're talking post-Covid here!), I often go for scrambled eggs and bacon.

Susan L

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I am not a breakfast person since kindergarten...if I eat a full breakfast, I get very sluggish all day long! I usually have 1/2 a banana (a whole one if I can make myself swallow it) and that’s it. I usually ski until 1:30pm at the latest and lunch is my main meal of the day.
Bulk quick cooking oatmeal in microwave. Add a little salt, cinnamon, roasted hazelnuts, banana, and a touch of fermented dairy product. Smoothies now that the days are warmer and longer. Breakfast burritos if buying premade but then I have the onion/pepper burps all morning.


Angel Diva
When we ski locally, we get egg and something (cheese for DH, sausage for me) sandwiches from the local IGA to eat in the car. I usually also take a few clementines for the ride home, which also involves a stop at the local coffee shop (hot cocoa for DH, chai for me).

When we are slopeside in a condo, we'll do instant oatmeal, or fruit, yogurt and granola.

When we are staying in a hotel, it's whatever is available, usually some sort of protein and grain.
I usually travel in the morning for 3-3.5 hours. Before I leave I’ll have two eggs and an Ezekiel bread English muffin..and sometimes a few waffles lol. I’ll bring oats with plain Greek yogurt, banana, walnuts, and flaxseed in a thermos to eat when I get there or in the car when I’m almost there.


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I never liked yogurt but there's a local product (Ellenos), first made at the Pike Place Market, that is now being sold in stores here and by Amazon Fresh in "select markets." I'd recommend keeping an eye out for it. The passion fruit has these crunchy seeds and it outstanding. For @Pequenita, her favorite--marionberry.
Yes! Marionberry!! I am a some version of an eggwhite (scrambled or hard boiled, usually, but sometimes a frittata) plus yogurt with nuts and fruit breakfast person. Or, a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks.


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My criteria: hot, easy to eat in the car on the way up, not just carbohydrates, and no mess. So far my favourite thing is a steamed pork bun / cha siu bao which I can "steam" in any microwave in a covered bowl, it doesn't leave crumbs like toast or bread rolls, and I can easily eat it while I'm driving.

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