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Shingrix vaccine

santacruz skier

Angel Diva
Shingrix all done but had my covid vaccine Sunday and OMG was I ever sick!!!! Like in bed, 101.8 fever, blinds pulled, no reading, no TV, no lights... This was last Sunday and it seems every day I have a different weird reaction. Wednesday and Thursday headache, today stomach issues...
Next up flu vaccine but I'm waiting a few weeks on that one.


Angel Diva
I just got RSV vax a couple of wks ago -- yes, you need an Rx for it.
If you had BCG vaccine you will always test + on a TB test, as you obviously know, so a chest X-Ray should be done prior to considering antibiotic treatment. BCG vaccine is not used in the US because of its confounding effect on TB testing.
Smallpox is considered eradicated in the world (except for the stores that are kept for biological warfare :mad2:), so no vaccination is indicated.
Covid can be given with flu vaccine; covid is no longer a "booster". The newest formulation is a multivalent vaccine, like the flu, containing all known strains including the most recent one.


Angel Diva
I’m due for my 2nd shingrix this month. I’m not too concerned as I don’t really get bad reactions to vaccines. First one was sore arm but not overly painful. I evaded the latest Covid booster by getting it the natural way/ brought it home from Europe. It was a super mild event, not even as bad as a cold. I still need to get my flu shot though.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I'm not usually affected by vaccines, so when I was asked about shingrix 3 years ago during my physical I was cool with it. Have had both shots with no issues.
I was recently contacted by the clinic that my GP is moving and I need to set up a new GP for my annual exam.
Now I'm starting over and need to get my fall update vaccines like flu and covid.
Its also time for my 6 mo BC screening.


Angel Diva
My memory of the Shingrix shots is that the second one was far worse than the first. Felt pretty sore for a few days. But having had shingles in my 20s, I wanted Shingrix as soon as it became available. Didn't care that I had to pay for it. I'd had the earlier vaccine too but that's proven to be fairly ineffective in the long run at preventing shingles.

Had the new Covid vaccine and a regular flu shot at the same time a month ago. There was a free health clinic at a local cultural festival soon after the new Covid vaccine became available. No issues at all, which is usually the case for me. However, per usual my daughter had a visible small red area and soreness for both shots.


Angel Diva
Had both my Shingrix this year. No issues besides a somewhat sore upper arm the next day on the second. (I've had frozen shoulder in my other arm for over a year so my bar for what is painful has moved higher as well). I know quite a few people who've had shingles, most of whom are younger than me, and it sounds awful.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Also doing a series of shots at the moment.

June - Hep #1
July - Hep #2
Sept - RSV, no prescription needed. Arm was sore for 5 days
October - Flu
November - COVID #7
December - Hep #3

Shingrix done years ago. Second shot had a 2 day migraine, but beyond that not as bad as some of the COVID shots I've had. Maybe because I had shingles in my 30's?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
@sibhusky I am too young to get RSV without a script, but old enough for the shingles...lol! You really are getting quite a few this year. Yikes.


Angel Diva
I've had both mine shingles shots. I did get a very mild case that lasted 48 hours. Took me a while to figure out what was going on


Angel Diva
I got my Shingrix 3 years ago and each time I felt horrible, even worse than any Covid vaccines. We know someone who has had Shingles and we signed right up when we were over 50.


Staff member
Flu shot this morning. Covid booster tomorrow afternoon. I usually just get the sore arm at the injection site. Shingles I think I have to see the doctor. That will be in November.


Angel Diva
I got flu and Pfizer on Tuesday. Nothing but a sore arm
BUT I developed a UTI within 24 hrs. Coincidence? Who knows. The Nurse Practitioner I saw thought maybe my immunity would be off just a hair.

santacruz skier

Angel Diva
Interesting. I’ve had this “weird stomach “ post Covid vaccine… in Hawaii now and still not 100%. I was very sick from the Covid vaccine per usual!!!

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