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Seasonal rental in Park City area, kids

Getting Ready

Angel Diva
We have always rented the kids skis at home and travelled with them. For various COVID related reasons, I am pondering renting the kids’ skis for a season in Utah. Online I can only find packages for all gear but they have boots. They just need skis. Any recommendations from anyone who knows the area?


Angel Diva
It's pretty rare to be able to only rent skis for kids. My daughter had her own boots by the time I took her out to Alta Lodge for late season trips. We either brought all her gear or I just paid for the package and she only used the skis and poles.

I noticed recently that Ski Essentials is doing online season leases for children's gear. Meaning the gear is shipped. You might give them a call and see what they say.


Angel Diva
I am pondering renting the kids’ skis for a season in Utah.
Hi! Have you considered purchasing instead of renting? I went to Lone Pine Gear Exchange on 3300 South in SLC. I picked up a pair of new skis with a slight blemish on the top sheet, new bindings, mounting was half price, and the total pkg was $200. The skis are for my nephew who is an intermediate skier and he was debating the equipment rental vs. other options, too. He has his own boots and poles. Just food for thought. Good luck!!

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