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Sale: Free the Powder Gloves and Mittens for $45


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Free the Powder is running an inventory reduction sale. Their gloves and mittens are $45 (25% off), and there are various discounts on everything else (hats, leather treatment, etc.). Shipping is free, and customer service is prompt--they've responded to my emails about a product exchange within hours, even on weekends.

I'm just now exchanging a pair for a smaller size, so I haven't worn them skiing yet. However, the product looks impressive at the normal price of $60, and at $45 it's impossible for me to justify not getting a pair of mittens, too. If the quality and price aren't enough motivation, supporting a small Park City business that's just getting their operation off the ground should give you the warm fuzzies.

(forgive me for posting verbatim what I just posted on epicski)

OK, I'm going over there now to order my mittens before they run out of smalls.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Thanks for posting. I think I'll order a pair of gloves. The Hestra gloves that I love have a hole that I guess I'll repair with duct tape. Good to have another pair of gloves. Do you know if the sizing is similar to Hestra?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I'm not sure about Hestra's sizing. FTP 'S website has instructions for how to determine your size on the website. My hand measures about 7 1/2" just below the knuckle and I take a medium in a lot of brands, but I take a small in FTP. The gloves are built to fit perfectly once they pack out (which apparently happens quickly), so they should start off fitting snugly.


Angel Diva
Thanks for posting this, didn't see it before now. Got some leather treatment because only XL sizes were left.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Hi @VickiK - I just ordered a pair of XS Mitts - I was also able to add other size gloves to my basket -- so not sure if the drop down boxes were working correctly for you as they default to the top which is XL....?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
@VickiK , I just double-checked, and it looks like they're out of XS's in both gloves and out of XL's in mittens. Hope it works for you!

BTW my small gloves and mittens got here yesterday. The mittens seem particularly yummy for some reason, but both fit just right and look real cool. :thumbsup:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I've worn my gloves twice and I have to say that I like 'em. The leather has an excellent grip and they're plenty warm for normal days. I bought the mittens for colder weather, and with a few wearings they should be able to accommodate a liner glove and a warmer between it and the glove's lining. I'm very happy so far!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I bit. I will try the small based on Shannon's recommendation on me wearing liners. We'll see. I have been wanting new mittens for a while and can never resist a deal.


I, too had to return for a smaller size and haven't yet worn them to ski. They are very well made and, after a little breaking in, will be GREAT I think. The company was super speedy in sending a replacement pair in a small.


Angel Diva
I got the leather conditioner. It's ok. Feels a bit sticky, but maybe I used too much.
I ordered a pair of mittens- just got them and can't wait to ski in them. Thanks litterbug! I bought the leather conditioner, but haven't used it yet. I'll be careful of using too much.

DH also got a pair of the gloves and he seems to like them too (although he is not really fond of the black/ tan color scheme).


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I used the mittens on Saturday and really liked them. Not that "cold" but very windy -- totally wind proof yet very breathable. My hands never got sweaty despite the temps rising later in the day. I am actually in between sizes xs and sm. I have the small, think they will pack out eventually and may be a bit big (but can then use liner if needed) but no worries, I bought the XSmall for DD so if that happens I have the opportunity to take over her pair! LOL.

They are a fun Mitten. I love the quality of the leather and the soft shell. I really like the long cuff, very easy to adjust the wrist and the cuff opening.
Love supporting an independent company.... and getting two pairs of sweet mitts for a fraction of the cost of one.

I used the leather conditioner lightly -- grip was there but not too sticky --- maybe VickiK if you buff with a cloth to remove any excess?


Angel Diva
I used a shoe brush but saw some light lint or dust resisdue coming from that. I put them aside for a day. Will follow up with Shannon at the company and report back.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I ordered the small mittens based on the fact that I would wear Smartwool liners and a hand warmer.
So I have used the mittens on 3 days, 3 different temperatures/conditions.
CO gets dry snow so I can't really compare the waterproof ability yet. I did treat them once with their leather treatment.

1st day was in the 30s...these were way too warm. But to be fair, my hands weren't sweating. Just on the verge and I used the lift rides to air out. So pretty breathable.
2nd day was in the 20s. Warm, no need for liners or hand warmers.
3rd day (yesterday) was in the teens. Hands and fingers were as warm as can be. No need for liners or hand warmers. I couldn't believe it. I even met another guy on the lift at Loveland that had the gloves--he mentioned that he has busted through a lot of gloves and was eager to see how these do since he liked the stitching.

Since they are still at $45, I just bought my 7 year old son an XS mitten. He had hand warmers in his Gordini junior mitts and his fingers were cold yesterday.
Update: the leather treatment I bought from Free The Powder turned out to be just fine. I think the treatment soaked in and got buffed off through usage & time. My gloves feel and look great.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Hey, if anyone is interested in a pair of medium gloves w/gauntlet, PM me. I wore them only once or twice. (I like them but decided to get the mittens)

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