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Review: Sweet Protection Looper Helmet


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Review: Sweet Protection Looper Helmet
I wanted to write a short review about this helmet as it is somewhat of an anomaly in Sweet Protection's line up due to its lighter weight. Sweet Protection has some highly rated helmets but they generally come in at 600-700g which for me is too heavy. While they do have lighter back country helmets, they now have 2 all mountain helmets coming in around 400g+ the Winder and Looper. Both models come with the option of MIPS. For reference I have been trying to replace my 2016 (yikes) Giro Flair helmet which comes in at 380g was clearly past its prime. I have tried on a lot of helmets in the past few years and nothing felt 'right' or light enough. The closest options I had found were the Giro Avera and Giro Terra but even with there adjustable Form Fit system I was finding the fit system just didn't sit right on the back of my head. One other option fit wise was the Atomic Backland UL but its more of a back country helmet with less insulation and coming in at $300+.

One of the local shops had a helmet that caught my eye - it was the Looper in a crazy rose gold metallic color. I tried it on and the fit / weight and retention system placement were spot on for me - the color was not. I ended up ordering the Matte Nardo Gray which is a bit lighter in color than what the website shows. For reference I am a solid Medium in Giro, the Looper a SM fits perfectly.

The one real negative I found with the helmet is the lack of control for the venting system. Similar to the Giro Terra, there are no vent controls. I ended up putting two pieces of masking tape over the front vents as I felt it was a little too much for me. I've kept it that way in both 15 and 50 degree weather and have not had any google fogging. The other minor detail that I may change out is the google strap retention system at the rear of the helmet. It is a thick piece of soft plastic - it works just fine but I had to adjust the googles clips so they were not directly under the strap. These two issues are not deal breakers for me as the fit of this hemet works so well I am ok with having to tape up the vents as necessary an fiddle with the goggle strap.

If your interest in this helmet Sweet Protection has had on and off sales - sometimes up to 50%.

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Love your review and this is super timely for me! I have the 2019 Giro Terra and I'm hoping to get more into the park this season so I guess I should be starting to look for a potential replacement in case I have a decent impact there. I quite like the crazy colour, but can see why it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

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