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Questions re: Therm-ic c-pack 1700b and the s-pack 1400b compared to RC 1600s

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I have the old model RC 1600s and they are dying and need replacing. Sadly they are no longer made. Am struggling to get an answer out of Thermic so wondering if anyone has used the older models and now uses the newer c-pack or s-pack models who might be able to answer my query.

As background I get arterial spasm problems when my toes get cold so really need a heater that will actually stop the cold not just decrease it a bit. And before anyone tells me about proper fitting boots I have the same problems in snowboard boots that have substantially more insulation and no pressure points so this is a crappy circulation issue not a boot problem, although ski boots are definitely crappier options for cold feet!

Specifically wondering how either of the c-pack and s-pack models compare in heat output to my old RC 1600s? The older ones had a minimum temp of 37C and max of 70C quoted in the manual and I definitely found the level 3 setting was generally burn your foot hot unless extremely cold and used for short periods only. Never had a problem with batteries of the 1600s lasting a full day on level 2 when required.

From the information I can find it seems that Thermic have replaced a great product (very warm, super long battery life even in very cold temperatures, remote control that was very easy to use in mitts) with one that's significantly less useful (significantly less heating capacity, shorter battery life and with no remote but instead a dicky bluetooth phone app that requires you to remove your mitts to adjust)

Alternatively if any other similarly very cold toed skiers have recommendations for excellent boot heaters or heated ski socks that genuinely feel warm and can last all day I'd love to hear them. None of the companies seem to want to quote actual temperatures reached these days and most reviews just re-quote promotional material from the companies rather than being genuine users.


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I to replace my heaters this year. I can't remember which one I got. The batteries are hooked up to my phone by bluetooth. I'll let you know more on Friday. It's supposed to be really cold.

Another thing is that I do not like where my heaters were placed in the foot bed. That will be fixed this summer when I get new foot beds. The guys at Tremblant placed it under my arch, NOT MY TOES.


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I have the C-pack batteries. I know my old batteries on 3 were too damn hot. I was burning. So far I've used them on 3-4. It hasn't been that cold. This weekend will tell!


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When therm-ic changes models they also change the plug into the battery. So the old heating elements will not plug into the cpack. . Therm-ic also acquired sidas.

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