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Question about EPIC passes


Angel Diva
I purchased some Northeast Epic Passes for this winter, and I'm wondering what the "6 discount passes" are. Can anyone shed some light on that for me?


Angel Diva
Did you get the Northeast Value Pass? As opposed to the Northeast Midweek Pass. The way I read the FAQ, "discount tickets" are different between the two.

For the NE Midweek Pass, there are no discounts for lift tickets outside the northeast. Also sounds like the discount is only for days not included in the Midweek Pass. Probably only for the individual pass holder, as opposed to the idea of Buddy Passes that go with early purchase of the Full Epic or Epic Local.

The NE Value Pass functions almost like the MCP at VR locations outside the northeast. Meaning it's good for a 50% discount on lift tickets. The way the MCP works for someone who get a premium season pass at an MCP location, such as Alta, is that the pass holder can get a 50% discount on lift tickets at any other MCP location any time. That means the MCP discount is a perk for buying the most expensive 1-location season pass. The first year (or two?) the MCP existed there were some locals who bought the MCP instead of a local season pass.

Does that help?

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