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Angel Diva
I have to buy a couple of these for work tomorrow, for work at home in a corona virus emergency situation.

Anyone got one they like/hate? With any luck at all these won’t get any use, so they don’t need to be heavy duty, just decent. And with ink that won’t dry up when they just sit.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Brother DCPL2250DW $159
Have at home and work.
Staples / bestbuy / office max.
Similar models for $50 more = faster output.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Not sure of your exact business needs but the 50 page document feeder with dual sided scanning is my fav feature of the oki that many other at this price point lack. Also it will scan in color (but only prints black and white.)


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have a Canon MF210, bought it about 4 or 5 years ago. Not heavily used but (so far) reliable. Go for a laser printer if you don't want the ink to dry up (assuming black and white is ok, I think colour for laser printer is probably a fair bit more expensive).


Angel Diva
B&W good, color not necessary.

Text only, no graphics. Most printing will be single pages, not big documents.

Supposed to buy tomorrow, so ordering is out - need to find locally.

One of the users not exceptionally flexible, so ease of scanning going to be important since she’d be sending docs to office. Likely to be printing them then scanning, vs saving to pdf and emailing that way.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Well then probably the major office supply store carried brands are going to be the way to go. We have an HP office jet pro 8710 also as far as the commonly available brands. I don’t particularly love all the touch screen menus to make it do anything. Especially for someone not too tech savvy I would recommend against it.

When I have researched this before Brother gets consistently good reviews but I haven’t any personal experience with the brand.


Angel Diva
There used to be basic Epson printers at our house. Switched to HP a while back because they seem to last much longer. Current model is the HP Envy 5660. I wanted to have a printer that can also be used as a copier for pages of a book or magazine. Previous printer could make a copy of a single page only.

A B&W laser printer involves fewer variables. For text and B&W graphics only, worth checking the options available. My husband has an old Brother laser printer that's been cranking for quite a few years.


Staff member
HP DeskJet 3632 is the one I have, but probably out of date. Came from Walmart!!

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