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Planning a Trip to Copenhagen

Looking for recommendations of what we should avoid, what we just can't miss, and possibly the best day trip from Copenhagen.

Only have a week, so please don't get too ambitious!!!
I spent 2 days in Copenhagen recently, though it was at the end of a longer trip so we were a bit museum-ed out and didn't do any trips out of the city.

We were given Roskilde as a recommendation for a history-oriented day trip, but had already had our fill of Viking stuff in Norway (and only had 2 days) so didn't make the trip.

In the city, I recommend going up the tower of Christianborg Slot for the view. It's free but only so many people are allowed at a time. We went in the early evening (after the tourist rush but before the dinner rush) and didn't wait long. You can also go up the Rundetaarn or the Church of our Saviour (the church with the spiral spire) for views but there's a cost to those ones. Tivoli is supposed to be amazing, especially at night, and if I'd had a third day it would have been for that. We did a free walking tour (you pay the guide as much as you wish at the end), and it was a good way to get oriented and kind of figure out what we might want to come back to or explore further. We also enjoyed heading over to Papirøen for some food. It's apparently a zoo on evenings/weekends but we found it relatively quiet mid-day on a weekday.

I was staying with some locals and they joined us for an afternoon in the city in some glorious weather. We had a great time getting a beer to go, sitting on the harbour wall in Nyhavn just across the walkway from the expensive cafes, and playing "spot the tourist" as a drinking game. Rolling suitcases, socks & sandals, floppy hats, selfie sticks, and maps in hand were great entertainment. :beer:

Have fun! Are you going as part of a longer trip or is it a stand-alone visit?
Thanks, Ringrat.

It's a standalone trip. We have never been that far north in Europe and we found an excellent airfare. DH wanted a city where he had never been to walk around for a week. We chose Copenhagen.

By the time we return, ski season will be very close.


Angel Diva
I was lucky to have a few business trips to Copenhagen in the 1990s for which I had a bit of time for sightseeing. Can't miss the Tivoli Gardens. Well worth staying for dinner. Place is very fun after dark with all the lights on.

The other place I enjoyed was the Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory. Took a bus to get there from the city center. The public transit is very good.

If you are foodies, I loved the Krebsegaarden restuarant - they make a menu based on the exhibit at the gallery next door. and the food is terrific!

The current menu looks amazing! https://www.krebsegaarden.dk/uploads/files/55/2016-10-menu.pdf?1475846861

I also like Restaurant Radio - https://restaurantradio.dk/en/
The food is seasonal - and there is nothing like northern food in the fall :smile:

Copenhagen is also know for its michelin starred restaurants, so if that is your thing - there is Noma, and also Geranium. I've never been crazy about either but hey...

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