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Angel Diva
I love seeing others' ski photos. Post them here! I'll start. Yesterday at Crystal, my first ski day. Great coverage, very nice snow. Busier than I expected--almost like a regular season weekend rather than a mid-November day. Started out beautiful, clouds moved in throughout the day and they got 10" last night.




Angel Diva
Nice to see a new photo--you can tell that we're all in the doldrums right now...
Well, yes and no in terms of doldrums. It's been great snowmaking weather in the southeast in the last couple weeks. The NC mountains got 8-10 inches of snow out of a storm that also helped the WV ski areas. Cold weather in and snow in PA and northeast too recently. But obviously many people think more about CO and UT so if it's bad there then it feels like the season is already a bust. I've been too busy having fun skiing with friends while driving from NC to Boston the last week to do trip reports but am working on it. Here's a couple pics.

Massanutten in VA, Opening Day 12/15/17, Diamond Jim (black)
Ski safari Dec 2017 - 1.jpg

Belleayre in the Catskills of NY, 12/17/17, mid-20s all day long
Ski safari Dec 2017 - 2.jpg


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
My Home bump..our groomer Corduroy Joe does a great job, the snow was like sugar! The trees were covered in ice, (it rained here all day yesterday) just the die hard regular's came out today. Nice way to spend Christmas eve. And we're supposed to get 8+" tomorrow! Woohoo! royal 12 24 17 3 - Copy.jpg royal 12 24 17 4 - Copy.jpg royal 12 24 17 5 - Copy.jpg Merry Christmas!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Looks lovely - all that blue sky . . .

It was beautiful! The camera didn't catch the ice on the trees w/ the sun shining thru, it was better in person, it was really spectacular, I could only have my hand out for a little bit it didn't get about 14F. The snow was perfect groomed powder and as it got skied, soft piles appeared. and I had the renouns on..I really love these skis. thanks @ride_ski for the nudge for me to get them.... you were 'spot on'

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