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Petite skier looking for help with new skis?

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of your help! I've at least narrowed it to the yumi 147 and the blizzard sheeva 148 which I realize I forgot to list at the start. If anyone has tried the Sheeva, I would love to hear how it compares as well.

Pixie Perfect

Certified Ski Diva
Thank you! This is helpful! Are they easy to maneuver around moguls? That was my other issue with my lunas..I sometimes felt like they weren't quick enough to turn around moguls on steeps. Thanks!
I don’t have experience with moguls, maybe I will try with an instructor this year! I thought the skis did will in chopped up snow at the end of the day.

Last season my dad and instructors kept saying I was forcing my turns early, but the day I demoed with my dad he thought I was making great turns especially with the Völkl Yumi and the Blizzard BP 88. My previous season rentals had a turn radius of 17m, but both these skis are about 12-13m. Demoing taught me that I tend to favor short zippy turns across the mountain verses longer turns downhill.

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