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Pay more, get faster access at 4 Powdr resorts.


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My complaint with fast pass lanes of any kind is it just makes the lines that much longer for everyone else.


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I realized something thinking about a question asked on another forum. A father in NC is planning a family ski vacation over one of the holiday long weekends. The kids are tweens/teens and probably advanced intermediate or low advanced. They have Ikon Base, which they use at Snowshoe. They want to check out Colorado resorts having flown to SLC more than once in recent years.

The options in Colorado with Ikon and slopeside lodging are Steamboat, Winter Park, Copper, and Aspen/Snowmass. He's thinking of flying into Denver, so Aspen is out because of the longer drive. Steamboat is out because Ikon Base is blacked out on holiday weekends. Winter Park is an option. So is Copper. But if a family who plans well in advance is willing to pay for Fast Tracks for at least one day, that could tilt the decision in favor of Copper.

For people who fly to SLC, Fast Tracks as an option at Snowbird may also be an incentive for families who have to plan ski vacations for holiday periods.


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So here's a question: Is Fast Track something you would pay for?
Probably not, but I wouldn't say never as I could see extenuating circumstances while on vacation. I usually get my lap days on weekdays when it's not crowded. Weekends tend to be a social time for me, so I'm not trying to get as many runs in. While reservations were a pain last year, they did help the mountain from being crazily crowded. I suspect we'll have fewer lifts turning this year with a shortage of lifties.


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The four Powdr resorts are starting Fast Tracks on different dates.

Copper: maybe opening day, Nov. 30
Snowbird: Dec. 1
Killington: Dec. 11
Mt. Bachelor: Dec. 18
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I hate the whole idea. It's like teaching people it's okay to cheat if you are rich. Because that is what it is. It's even worse than the disney model because the conditions change each run. Everyone should have access to the same conditions-whether its powder or perfect grooming. Corporate greed and whiny rich people.