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Own your own portable back country rope tow

ski diva

Staff member
Saw this on the internet: a portable rope tow you can use in the backcountry! It's being touted as a game-changing way to enjoy backcountry skiing and riding, and it’s one step closer to launch.

The PL1 from Zoa Engineering is designed to fit in a backpack for a day in the backcountry. You make your ascent, tie a line, lay the line down your run, attach the motor/handle anywhere along the line, ride up, ski down, and repeat.

What do you think?

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ski diva

Staff member
My first thought is that people will use that illegally in wilderness areas.

What does the motor sound like? I notice they chose to omit that noise.

Yeah, I wondered the same thing.


Angel Diva
I wondered at first how the gizmo gets back down to the bottom. Then I realized, you take it with you! That makes sense, although it looks like the little cluster of ski friends waiting at the top will spend some time waiting their turn.

Then I wondered how much it would cost. But I decided not to try to find out. Sigh.

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