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Our SkiSailor


Angel Diva
Such sad news. I never met Laura, but enjoyed her posts and I am loving your memories of your time with her. My sincerest condolences to all who loved her.


Staff member
Oh no. I'm at a bit of a loss for words here. I'm so glad I was able to spend time with her in Jackson at this year's Diva West, and I regret not reaching out to her afterwards to check in and just offer support.

Laura was a genuinely wonderful and warm person and one of the best skiers (and instructors) I've had the pleasure of skiing with. I'm so glad she got to spend the time she did in Big Sky, skiing with Ursula, doing what she so clearly, fully loved.

The world is worse without Laura in it.


Staff member
Oh yeah - she was so full of enthusiasm that we all thought she was whooping with glee when she yelled, not warning us of the rocks! So we all skied over there into the rocks until finally one of us got the right message.
Didn't you edit a really good video of this? :smile:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
This is such terrible news. Laura was one of those people I just assumed I'd see at ski diva events for years to come. I spent a week with her this past January at Diva West in Jackson, that was where I learned she was sick. Now reading these posts I realize she had been sick for so much longer. Its amazing even then, just 4 months ago she was out skiing with us giving me tips on how to get through the moguls. Diva West 2012 was my first trip with this group and Laura and I shared a king bed after only meeting a few hours earlier. I will always remember that as it is such an example of what this group is about. She was so nice and friendly to me. At that time she was just beginning her move to Bozeman. I watched as she transformed into an even better skier, became an instructor and moved to Big Sky. I'm so glad she had that time because it clearly was what she truly wanted to be doing with her life. I am so saddened to hear of her passing. We all lost a good one today.

I have a bunch of pics from Big Sky 2012 to post but keep getting a warning the files are too big to post.


PSIA 3 Children's Specialist 2 Keystone Resort
Laura was larger than life. The first pic was taken on Oct 29 2012 at A-Basin. She was on here way to Bozeman. I remember encouraging her to become a ski instructor.

This pic was in January 2017. She may look small but we all know how big she was.

Copper January 2017

Big Sky January 2015

No words!

RIP my friend! I know you will be skiing endless powder and looking over us. LOVE


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
@Ursula - Is there an obituary or anything that makes mention of where we could make donations?
A celebration of Laura's life will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to "Villalobos (Dog Rescue)" or "Sea Education Association" and sent in care of R.T. Foard & Jones 122 W. Main Street, Newark, DE 19711.

This is from the Obituary.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I had no idea.

A couple of years ago my husband and I went to Big Sky for the first time. Laura and I had communicated about meeting for lunch on our initial skiing day. She told me to look for the yellow parka. That retro yellow parka reflected the sunshine of her soul.

After lunch she showed us around the entire resort and took DH up the tram to ski a couple of the chutes. Visibility was pretty bad, but they had a great time, and DH was quite impressed with her ski chops. I took a lesson with her the following day. The image of her skiing ahead of me is unforgettable. Laura moved with beauty over the snow. She made skiing appear effortless.

The news of her death is gut-wrenching.

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