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Organizers for storing ski clothing and accessories?


Angel Diva
Where and how do you store your ski clothing during the season (and in the offseason)? I used to have a lot of shelves in my last closet, so I folded everything on some of them which kept everything visible and easily accessible. My current walk in closet is large, but has more hanging space than shelving. I’m thinking perhaps a hanging organizer could work, but many seem a bit small for bulkier ski outerwear for the width and height of each cube. Has anyone found any good closet organizers for this purpose? Perhaps some that include sliding drawers/bins as well for smaller accessories? I like to keep all of my ski specific clothing/accessories together including base layers, mid layers, outerwear, socks, underwear, hats, extra goggles/lenses, mittens, liners, etc.

Do others operate this way, or do you more integrate this gear into the rest of your clothing for storage?


Staff member
I use those large Rubbermaid (or similar) plastic totes. But I don't have a walk-in, so these stack nicely in the storage room.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I almost qualify as a tiny house based on square footage. The wicker storage box holds ski gear in the winter and mountain bike gear in the summer. Out-of-season gear goes in a Rubbermaid container in the storage loft. Inside the wicker box, everything is organized into small bags: socks, gloves, etc.

You could also use a horizontal ski rack and put a chest-of-drawers underneath it.



Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I too use the big Rubbermaid type containers and just store most of the stuff in my attic for the off season. Jackets get hung in the basement storage room.
Even during the ski season, I just pull the tubs out and keep one in my room with all the stuff piled up in/on it and use that to keep everything in one place.


Angel Diva
Rubbermaid tubs for us, too. Kept in the basement storage during the off season and the corner of the bedroom all winter. We have a pretty big bedroom, so no worries about tripping over them or anything.


Angel Diva
Hmm okay, perhaps I’m overthinking having things unpacked if that’s what everyone else is doing! I’ve been in my new home for a little over a year and one of the spare bedrooms is still boxes and bins to be unpacked :doh: (probably heading to the trash or donation center at this point!), so I guess I was trying to get away from this but maybe unnecessarily..


Angel Diva
I use the larger "shoe" boxes from hiking boots, ski boots etc. Most of these have a handle of sorts making it easy to pull the one I need from the stack in the storage area.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
So funny to hear so many of you use Rubbermaid totes too! Actually during the season, after washing, stuff go right back into the suitcase for the next weekend. But I do make an effort to swap in stuff we haven’t used in a while to distribute the wear. In the off season the totes go under the bed. All the boots and helmets and other small accessories just go back into the ski bag and into the back of a deep closet. And the skis are permanently displayed on a rack in the hallway.


Angel Diva
Ski clothing has dedicated drawers in my freestanding wardrobe. Hats, gloves, gaiters, etc go in a wicker basket on top. Skis, helmets, goggles, boots get stored in a large closet in our basement family room.


Angel Diva
I am in a place so small now, that I hang all the heavy stuff in the guest room and guests just have to deal with no closet space. In my old house, I put a dresser in my walk in closet, in one of the hanging areas. Into the dresser went all ski clothes - base layers, socks, sweaters, puffs, goggles, hats, gloves, etc. Then I just hung up the pants and jackets. In my current, much smaller house, I hung a bunch of hooks on the back wall of the closet which I use for boot bags and helmets. I have also purchased baskets at home goods which easily screw into the wall and create a kind of hanging cubicle that works for small stuff like gloves, hats, head bands, goggles, sweaters, etc. It's easy to create a type of 'shelving' with baskets in your walk in closet if you prefer that style of storage. Just place them where it is most convenient. They don't have to be together.


Diva in Training
I have a slat wall/peg wall mounted in my garage. I purchased display hooks from a slatwall company including helmet stands. I have baskets for all lose items, and coat hooks for pants etc. I use shelves for boots and such.

That being said, we mostly keep our own gear in each persons boot bag and take that to and from the resort each day. Works the easiest. The storage is more for out of season. With each person having 2-4 pairs of skis, it gets out of control pretty quick.


Angel Diva
Closet_compressed.jpgSo a couple of weeks ago we went on an Ikea adventure, and I found this cube shelving unit for cheap that happened to fit really well dimensionally into a bump out section in my closet that I wanted to make into my "activewear" section. Obviously a big part of this is ski stuff, but plenty of other stuff as well from other activities. The hanging unit on the side of it is not really active wear as it has a bunch of sweaters, sweater dresses, and sweatshirts, but I'm really happy with how it's coming along so far. I decided to take this weekend off from outdoor activities and catch up on sleep and housework, so yesterday I got to work on reorganizing. It's fun to have the cloth cubes that slide in and out of the unit as well for odds and ends like hats (yes one of the entire bins is filled with mostly winter hats and a few baseball caps.. :doh: lol), outdoor socks, bottom baselayers, gloves, goggle lenses, etc. etc. Not to mention, this section of my closet in general was a total mess previously, so even though I don't have a before picture, trust me that the transformation is big! haha I worked on the rest of my closet which isn't pictured as well, and when I went in there this morning to get my work clothes and shoes it made me so happy to see things all neat and tidy, like more zen. Still some more I need to do on the higher shelves all around, but at least it's progress.

Next on the list this summer is to Marie Kondo all of my furniture drawers, that will be a much larger project though I think.


Angel Diva
Very nice!
This is how I'm organized at the moment:
Base layers have their own drawer in my chest of drawers. Ski socks are in with the rest of the socks & tights & nylons. Super casual t-shirts have a drawer, including my workout tops. Workout bottoms share space with p.j.'s.
My ski jackets & pants dominate the left side of my closet. The other side of the closet is for my normal clothes.

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