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This was originally posted in 2006. I think a sticky with categories is a great idea. From the looks of it, it needs some work both in organization and updating. No, I'm not volunteering.


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So I was sitting here... freezing to death, when I thought "Man... I need a radiant heat jacket. Just a big bubble of warmth." On a whim, I did a google search and lo and behold, it really exists. I don't know why I'm surprised, with the heated gloves and boots and such that are out on the market. I wonder how well it works? It's actually a good price and not totally ugly! Ha! I didn't do any further searching to see what the variety of options would be on similar technology.

Has anyone tried anything like this? As a perpetually cold-natured person, I have to admit there's some appeal!



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I have Thermic boot heaters and the mitts. Would not have been able to ski this season without them. I'm leary on coats as I've seen a lot of the construction guys in them. They say they aren't that good. Wondering though about the one from Columbia.

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