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Online Ski Gear & Info Sources


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That's a great list.

I'd like to add
Ski Pass

For its thorough list of skis, sizes and properties.


Certified Ski Diva
Wow! Thanks for the list. I knew of some, but not all of them!

BTW, bought skis from Tramdock.com. Then found them cheaper online elsewhere. They refunded me the difference - I just sent them the link and they did it during the chat session. Less than 5 minutes!


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That list of links is awesome.


Is SAC the same as Backcountry.com?? Some of the links from SAC lead there, and some of the merchandise and prices are the same.


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That list of links is awesome.


Is SAC the same as Backcountry.com?? Some of the links from SAC lead there, and some of the merchandise and prices are the same.

Backcountry is the mothership. The other "full" retails from Backcountry are Tramdock (skiers) and Dogfunk (boarders)
Then there is Backcountryoutlet. From Backcountry outlet, you have SAC & Whiskeymilitia. Also from BC & outlet, are geartrade. (items returned to them that they can't resell as brand new d/t missing tags, used, etc) and from geartrade.com there is gearengine.com (overstock of geartrade merchandise) Both geartrade & gearengine allow people to sell their own stuff.

BTW: If you have noticed changes in the meerchandise that Backcuntry sells, it was bought out by QVC last year. Maybe that is why they are carrying so much Oakley!


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While looking up those compression tights, I found www.velotique.com This is really a bike shop in Toronto, but they do XC in the winter. I had forgotten all about them as it winter, not bike weather. They have those tights and many other things winter to order online!!


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I've just ordered my twin-tips from Evogear. They have a price match system where if you find the same product on line for cheaper they will match it and give you an extra 5% discount. Happy days.

I love their slogan "This order confirms that you CAN buy happiness. Come back again, we have a warehouse full of it!"

I'll keep you informed re international shipping.:ski2:


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After doing a tonne of online shopping here are a few thoughts:

1. www.porterstahoe.com - great customer service - and FABULOUS international shipping - it was FAST and they were fantastic -and they price match too
2. www.sierratradingpost.com - can't be beaten for int'l shipping - they are the best priced shipping just about anywhere but it isn't as speedy as other companies
3. www.mountaingear.com - I didn't ship this internationally - but they were fast and very efficient - best prices on Black Diamond
4. www.evogear.com - they are great too - int'l shipping on some things
5. www.sierrasnowboards.com - was fine...but didn't ship it internationally
6. www.levelninesports.com - great service here too - but didn't ship this internationally

I shop way way too much online...

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