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Northstar, 3/15/2021-3/19/2021


Angel Diva
@gingerjess ... one comment you made- after this long stretch of COVID, just being in the same place as a friend, doing the same thing, has felt so special. I felt that resonate...so hard. My soul screamed: YES YES YES!!! So glad you got to enjoy time with a good friend in a safe way. While also having a great time, and bringing all of us joy.

I guess this past year has really taught us that no man is an island, right? If any of you are Madeleine L’Engle fans, I remember reading that John Donne quote in one of her books, specifically talking about how interconnected we all are, and I really think this past year has shown us that in vivid detail.


Angel Diva
Day Four theme: rest

After a few days on the mountain, I’ve started to get pretty worn out! Skiing is a lot of fun, but it’s also a workout, and my body has been starting to feel the strain. Today I just skied whatever I felt like, even if it wasn’t particularly intense or challenging. Tomorrow is my last day on the mountain—maybe my last of the season—and I want to be in a condition where I can rise to whatever challenge the mountain throws at me.

What today looked like in practice was retreading a lot of the same terrain I’ve already done earlier in the week (and described earlier in the thread). But I stayed conscious of how my body was feeling, and was careful not to push it. Hungry? Time for lunch. Fatigued? Pull over and take a break.

The hardest test of the day was recognizing when rain and high temperatures had pushed the early afternoon snow conditions to a state where I just wasn’t having fun anymore. Slush on top of ice doesn’t make for satisfying turns, so I called it early and came home! Not every day needs to be about new skills or emotional revelations or going all out until the last chair, and today just happened to be a ski day with a fairly fun and satisfying first half, and a slightly early finish.
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