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Nordica Santa Ana 93 lengths


Diva in Training
I've finally decided on buying the Santa Ana 93 skis! I'm trying to decide on length. I'm ~5'5.5", 140 lbs, athletic, 30 years old. I'd probably consider myself an intermediate/advanced skier. This is the first set of skis I will be buying myself. I was a racer in high school so I used my race skis since then. Now I am going to be doing a lot more out west skiing so I have been learning a lot more about the new ski technology. Length is my biggest question though! I am trying to decide if I would do best with the 158 or the 165. Help appreciated!! :smile:


Angel Diva
Welcome! Another vote for 165cm for your experience and height/weight.

For context, I'm an older advanced skier, 5'0", 110 lbs, and my all-mountain skis are 85 underfoot and 159cm. Also own powder skis that are 106 wide and 158cm, although I've had fun on rented demo skis in the low 160s at times. Got a good deal on the powder skis from a Diva so went for it. That was after I had enough lessons and experience to enjoy powder over 10 inches deep when I got lucky during trips out west.


Certified Ski Diva
I’m your height and weight, advanced but cautious, age 61; I don’t like to ski fast. I ski more east coast than west. I’ve demoed BP, Santa Ana, Secret in high 150s, low 160s. I bought BP88 in 159 for my own confidence in trees and bumps, but I do sense that when Im with better skiers at speed, or in powder or crud I’d do better with a longer ski. You’re a former racer and young and athletic ….go for 165. If/when I get a powder ski I will go longer and I think to get the most from SA93 you should choose the longer option.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Yet another vote of confidence for the 165 - I've demoed the SA93 and found it perfect in a 158, and I am 5'3/160cm 115-120lb cautious intermediate skier. (I then bought the SA88, also in 158, and it's also perfect.) So that all adds up to 165 for you I think :smile:


Diva in Training
Wow thank you all so much for the help! This is my first time using this forum so I wasn't expecting such a quick response from so many people! 165 it is! very very excited for ski season to start!! If anyone else has the epic pass and is looking for a ski buddy this season :wave:


Diva in Training
Hey there, @Backtoskiing91 - So glad to have you here! Where do you usually like to ski?

I live in Wisconsin so I ski the midwest and plan on doing bigger trips out west to colorado, utah, hopefully Whistler this season! I mostly stay on groomers. Occasionally i'll go through the trees if they're not too crazy! I want to try more powder and back bowl stuff this season too. Not a fan of moguls!


Staff member
Once you get more posts a new section will open up to you. Divas only darling...there you will see...meet on the hill. Also 2 we try to have 2 Diva trips each winter. One each east and west....

Get posting.

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