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New to Total Joy: snowplowing????????


Certified Ski Diva
That's when I call it for the day. I have discovered that rubbing a warm weather wax on does help for a few runs, but it's only temporary.
I did call it a day. I had the warm wax done yesterday at the end of the day, but nah, gonna take it easy for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow we have a family private— we are now, after 5 seasons and a change of boots and skis, around the same level. Everyone is excited to ski blues while the snow melts at our feet…


Angel Diva
I recommend this liquid wax. I live by it in spring … and by spring … I mean June/July in Mammoth. I rub it on in the morning and when I take a break, rub it on again. It’s expensive but worth it. I’ve had folks ask to use it in the parking lot. I’m willing to share.

Toko rub on liquid wax


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I took the ski in, it was detuned and waxed for warm weather, things went significantly better.
I think you mean tuned.

Every time you take a ski in to be tuned, they re-do the edges (sharpen them) and put wax on the base. That's a basic tune. You can pay for extra work to be done on the base. It can be flattened if it wasn't flat before (should be flat). When they do that they scratch little lines in that black base to create what's called "structure." A good structure helps it glide. If you've skied over a rock and put a gouge in the base, they can fix that too.

"Detuning" means after they do the tune on the edges, they rub something along the edges way up front at the tip (only up there), to remove some of the sharpness that they just put on it.

Trailside Trixie

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I live with roll on F4 in my pocket in the springtime. A friend of mine puts this on each day and uses a buffer afterwards and he swears by this method.

I've only had to have skis detuned twice in my life thankfully. It's ugly ski down when you realize a detune is necessary.


Angel Diva
Ditto .... as soon as it becomes sticky I'm outta there !

Sticky and grabby. When I returned to skiing last April I swore I wouldn't ski in slush. But since we skied into July I certainly didn't follow that vow.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Sticky and grabby. When I returned to skiing last April I swore I wouldn't ski in slush. But since we skied into July I certainly didn't follow that vow.
I dont mind skiing in slush, its when it becomes "sticky and grabby" that I'm boots off and heading home :laughter:
Everyone over here gets so excited if we have a Spring powder day but I'm like no no no .... all that lovely fresh white snow will more than likely be like skiing in glue !

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