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Need some advice on ski purchase!


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Wow, thanks for your vote of confidence. That Friday will be my first day out this season....not sure how well I'll be skiing. And not on my own skis either. But it would have been fun.

I just wish I knew more about the skis that are being asked about. Not familiar at all with Faction and only limited on the Volkl's. The local shop doesn't sell them. And they are not available for demo at Tremblant usually. Alterra may have some ideas on that this year. We got Head last year finally.


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I'm days away (:thumbsup:!!!) from buying a new pair of skis. I've skiied since I could walk and did a fair bit of racing. With that, I'm mostly a groomer skiier and haven't skiied on anything wider than 73 underfoot. I'm 173cm tall, and weigh about 145 pounds.

I've recently moved out West, and fallen back in love with skiing after a 10 year or so hiatus. I've decided a new pair of skis is worth it. Also decided that having the mixed snow conditions we have here, and wanting the ability to ski powder when I can, I'd like to get a ski that's in the 90 underfoot range to get more of an all-mountain experience. This is where the choice comes in....

After a bit of shopping, I have the following two options:

1) Demo'ed Volkl Secrets (163, 92 underfoot) with Marker Squire TCX demo bindings. The skis are in great condition (saw them), tech told me they have only been tuned once and haven't been skiied on more than 3 days. They're selling for 600 CAD with the bindings, which seems like a good deal (as the skis alone retail for 850), but I've never bought demo skis before!
2) Faction Progidy 1.0X (last year's; 164, 90 underfoot) with whatever binding I want to buy. Flat skis alone would be $380, bindings probably about 150-200 in the ones I was looking at.

What do you ladies think would be the best option for me? Are demo bindings as bad as people say? Is that a crazy price for a demo ski? I'm not a crazy aggressive skiier. I still plan on skiing groomers, but just want a more versatile ski and something I will have a ton of fun with.
I don’t know anything about the Faction. But I‘d jump at the chance for such a great deal on the Secret. However, looking at your size and weight, I don’t think you’ll be happy on such a short ski. The 163cm length may be a good carving ski length but the Secret will ski quite differently. I am 170cm tall & weigh 130 pounds and find the 170cm lengths on the double rockered skis to be much more stable at speed on groomers and give much better float in powder. You’re gonna LOVE that pow out west but certainly need the proper ski to enjoy it.
As far as demo bindings go, I agree with the rest of the Divas. They are much lighter these days and definitely help with the resale.

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