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Question: NE teaching opportunities!


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Hello! I'm wondering if any of you can help me with ski instructor minimum day requirements for New England Mountains. The mountain I teach at just announced a very big increase (33.3%) on the minimum number of days required to be a part time instructor, which makes it very hard for my schedule as I have another full time job. They also introduced pre-determined schedules that require instructors to take time off from other jobs to be available for school break days. I love my mountain and don't want to speak poorly about it but I would also like to continue teaching!! I'm considering weighing other options for next season. If anyone has instructed in the New England area and has recommendations, I'm all ears! Thank you so much!!

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That's too bad. Given the general shortage of instructors, you'd think they'd do all they could to make it easier, not harder.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.


Diva in Training
Yes, I thought the same thing! I'm really bummed but I love teaching so I'll figure something out! Just curious if anyone had suggestions! I will start calling around to mountains in the fall.

Thanks! Happy to be here and thrilled that I found the forum!!!


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Based on my brief (and very unpleasant) experience working in ski school administration this past year, I can understand the requirement. Christmas, MLK weekend, and the February school break are when the ski school makes its money and needs instructors. Most of the rest of the season, you're just trying not to lose money by being overstaffed. So instructor hiring and scheduling are really difficult and frustrating for everyone.

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