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My interview with Mermer Blakeslee, Fear Expert

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Yesterday I interviewed Mermer Blakeslee, recognized as the ski industry expert on fear. She offers a women's fear clinic at Wyndham, NY, as well as a ski clinic at Snowbird, Utah. She's also a PSIA examiner, and is a member of and a selector for the National PSIA Demonstration Team. And she's the author of In the Yikes! Zone: A Conversation With Fear (Dutton, 2002).

To read the interview, go here.


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Great interview! I must say that her book was a major tipping point for me in my skiing. I picked it up in the fear clinic that Maria Tomeselli gives as part of the Women's alpine adventure at Okemo,VT.

The thing I lkied most about the book is that Mermer gives you options to deal with your fear that I just never thought of. As an example, she suggests that you never stop at the top of a steep run and stare down on it. Instead, take the first 2 or 3 turns and then if you must stop , you are already part way down. She also says you don't have to make the best looking turns on a scary trail. Just keep turning. It's ok to side slip until you can make turns again. You see, I thought my only choice was to freeze and wedge down!

The book is just loaded with good advice about fear that you can also use in anything you do. It is a wonderful addition to a home library.:clap:

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Mermer told me she did fear training with Okemo's Women's Alpine Adventure staff, so I'm not surprised they had her book. It's great that they make it part of their clinic. That's such a big part of skiing!

I haven't read her book, but I definitely plan to.

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