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Multi-resort passes for 2022-23: Ikon, Epic, Indy etc.


Angel Diva
Hi @skibum4ever, I was wondering the same thing. Are Epic pass prices going up after the end of May or do you just lose the “buddy pass” (or whatever they call it) perks? I might have a trip to Telluride so am thinking of getting the 6 day Epic option. What do you experts think????


Angel Diva
Ikon reservations will be required for more Partner resorts than last season. For 2021-22, Jackson Hole and Taos required reservations. For 2022-23, Aspen Ski Co and Boyne Resorts decided to take that route to Aspen/Snowmass, Big Sky, Brighton, Snowqualmie, and Loon will require reservations. People planning on a winter break ski vacation can make a reservation as early as August.

The process was straightforward last season for Taos if done early. However, Saturdays do fill up. New slots can open up so it can be worth checking in the week or two before a given date. That's what Bill had to do for the Ski Week last season because he waited too long to make a reservation. He also had the MCP, so wasn't that concerned. In the end he got an Ikon reservation.

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