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Multi-resort passes for 2020-21: Ikon, Epic, Indy etc.


Angel Diva
Now that it's March, the decision process for some people about which multi-resort pass to get for 2020-21 before May has started with a bang. Figuring out what makes the most sense for a given individual or family can be complicated, especially the first time seriously considering buying a multi-resort pass. One reason to start looking at options in the spring is that prices go up after the end of early bird sales. March thru May is when prices are lowest and/or more perks are offered. However, waiting until late summer or early fall when travel possibilities are clearer can work out well in the long run.

Ikon made their pricing known first. Epic pass options were announced soon afterwards. No news yet for the MCP. Boyne Resorts has put out information about their offerings for New England (Loon, Sunday River, Sugarloaf) and Big Sky. In short, if you haven't already then March is a good time to take a look at the websites for potential ski locations next season. If you learn something unexpected, post it here. Everyone’s situation is unique but we can help each other learn about the wide range of options available.

Ikon 2020-21 thread:

Epic 2020-21 thread:

Discussion for 2019-20 multi-resort options (some info will be obsolete):


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I suspect they are having quite a time getting people to commit to a pass. Even with the assurance that they can use the following season.


Angel Diva
The Indy Pass is gearing up to let people know about additions for 2020-21. Not on sale until early Sept, which has been the plan all along. Same price as the initial season, $199 for adults, $99 for 12 and under. There are a couple new wrinkles. The price is $129 for passholders of participating resorts with proof of purchase. If the black out dates for the few locations that have them, can pay $299 for an unrestricted Indy Pass.


The additions are in more than one region. The midwest will have very good coverage with the addition of Lutsen, Crystal in MI, and Granite Peak to bring the total to 16. Tamarack near Boise has been getting on track in recent years. But Cannon is probably the most well known of the new locations.

Cannon Mountain, NH
Crystal Mountain, MI
Granite Peak, WI
Lutsen Mountains, MN
Sasquatch Mountain, BC
Tamarack Resort, ID
China Peak, CA

Indy passholders who don't get to use the 2020-21 pass much will get credit towards 2021-22. Pretty nice for a pass that cost around $200. Indy provides two days at each location.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 11.58.03 AM.png

Ski Sine Fine

Angel Diva
I‘m fairly certain I’ll get the Epic pass for local skiing, but I’m waiting till the last minute to buy. No IKON for me. If I decide it’s worth the risk to go to Taos, I’ll get the Costco special or pay the military rate.


Angel Diva
I considered combining Ikon Base with the MCP, which is what I did a couple seasons ago. But it's very hard to guess what happens with the MCP for 2020-21. It could not exist at all. So I went with Full Ikon to keep it simple.

Also planning on getting the Indy Pass for SE/MidA skiing.


Angel Diva
The MCP is back on sale at $469. Wasn't paying attention and didn't notice when that happened.

Boyne Resorts added Sugarloaf to the MCP. So Boyne has Big Sky and Sugarloaf on the MCP and Ikon, but Sunday River and Loon are only on Ikon.


Angel Diva
Yes, this one sealed the deal for me. My concern was the Dec 10th deadline and no credit if closing happens after that. I know we will ski in December and Covid didn't really hit hard enough for closures until February of last season so ....


Angel Diva
Another addition to the MCP for 2020-21 is Sun Peaks. That doesn't get mentioned much by American skiers but it's very popular with Australians. Apparently quite a good place for a family to settle in for 2-3 weeks.


Certified Ski Diva
I was 10 when Nancy Greene won her gold medal in the 1968 Olympics. I raced in the Nancy Greene program, and one of my bucket list items was to ski with her at Sun Peaks. I don't think it will happen though. It is such a long way from Ontario, and our ski plan is normally to stay in one area for 4-6 weeks. I don't know if a season at Sun Peaks is in the cards. As a small world comment, it is amazing when I mention skiing with her, how many random people we have met on our ski journey have skied with her.


Angel Diva
I'd guess the MCP won't be on sale past late June per usual. Just got a reminder email for the $469 price, $99 for kids, with the bonus third day at one pre-selected location. If decide to buy now, have up until Oct. 16 to decide whether or not to ask for a full refund.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 1.28.20 PM.png


Angel Diva
Reminders are going out to people who bought Ikon to make sure they uploaded a photo and did the waiver. Sounds like the mailing will start soon.

Noticed the list of resorts where Ikon can be used to pay for food and stuff. Other resorts may also allow linking a credit card but has to be done separately. It's an option in an Ikon account and can be turned On/Off.

Winter Park
Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows

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