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Mt Tremblant Demo Day Dec 15, 2018


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Hello Divas,

Started the skiing season today! Going to Mt Tremblant with my ski club this coming weekend, Dec 14-16.

Is anyone planning on demoing skis on Saturday, December 15?



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Yes!! I'll there. You will need either your drivers license or OHIP card to leave with the rep. That's their security that you will bring the skis back.


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Yes!! I'll there. You will need either your drivers license or OHIP card to leave with the rep. That's their security that you will bring the skis back.
Looking forward to seeing you there Jilly!

Yes, no Blizzard and no Alight this time unfortunately :(
I guess I will be mainly at the Atomic tent. And Leki.
Our group will be staying at the Lodge de la Montagne, closer to the hill than usually. Can walk to the hill this time!


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That's an 8 hour drive for me and you're further West run me. Keep an eye on the Barrie resorts and Blue at Collingwood. There used to be a Ladies Day at Brimicombe in February with demo's.


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I arrived at the tents just after opening, so I was able to get my first picks!!

1. Rossi Hero MT Carbon. This is the replacement to some extent of my Hero ST Carbons. A little more ski underfoot, but 6mm?? Brand spanking new skis. I could still see the base structure on them. Absolutely loved them. Put them on edge and they went where I wanted them to go. Made me realize that my current Hero's need a tune up!! So close to what I already have.
2. Head Epic Joy. I haven't been able to demo Head before. So this was something new. Loved the carry weight of the skis, light!! But that also translated to the ski. I felt like I wanted more from the ski. I'm just a little too demanding for this ski. I didn't let it get to the top of it's speed limit, so not sure where that was. Loved the edge to edge transfer, at 68mm it should be good. This would be a great carver for someone not as heavy or demanding as I. The rep's suggested going to a unisex super shape. I had other plans.
3. Dynastar Intense 12. This was 2nd place. Much stiffer than the Head and just about as good as the Hero. Great edge control, snappy edge to edge and didn't see a speed limit.

So my friend was looking for an all mountain to replace her aging K2 Superstitions.
1. Dynastar Lengend 80W. She found this ski was the closes to her K2's. She skied really well on them. Went back to try the 84W's didn't like the width.
2. Salomon Aria. Not sure what waist width they were. As I watched her ski, I asked a few questions and stated....lets get you off those skis. Like me not a Solly girl at all. The tip flap reminded me of the old BP88's!
3. Head Super Joy. This lady's son is sponsored by Head, so she wanted to try them. She skied well on them, but not as well as the Legends.

Tried to get her on the Rossi equal to the Dynastar, but it wasn't around. After she didn't like the 84W Legend, I wasn't going to put her on the Experience 88W.

Great demo day. Conditions were so much fun...soft snow and low crowds.

There is another demo day slated for December 28th. Right in the middle of the holiday week. I'm not planning on it at the moment. That could change.

I've ordered the Rossi through our pro-deal. Hope they come this week!!


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Jilly was ahead of me even here! :smile:

My legs are still sore. A few shots to start illustrating follow. This is the early morning view on the demo tents from our hotel:


And this is choice and adjustments:




I did not see any new skis offered here from the previous season. Last year, I tried Atomic Cloud 11 in 157 cm. This time, I decided to take the Clouds in 157 and 161 cm first, in order to compare different lengths.


A bit of fast forward, here is a shot of the Atomics in their store right at the gondola, with prices:
ato store.JPG
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Agree with Jilly on the conditions – the snow was just a dream for skiing!

One thing in the morning though, it was foggy on the top. I could barely see where to go. That has intimidated me in the beginning, as I am not very familiar with the resort.

No targets for this demo, so I just went with what was available.


I liked the Cloud 9 in 157cm, so not much to add about them from the past year. Comfortable skis for me. At the same time, I was a bit cautious with the Cloud 12 in 161. They felt a bit unusually long, especially after my daily drivers that are only 154 cm. I would like to have longer skis, and that’s why I try them in the first place, but still would need some training to get used to them. Nice skiing them on the corduroy.

Head Epic Joy 163 cm

I have read that they are not available in the US but in Europe and Canada. A single pair of Epic Joy was spotted by me in the middle of the Head tent. I immediately thought of the Divas who, to my memory, have expressed interest in them.
First, they are incredibly lightweight! I totally felt all the 161 cm length of the Atomics but not of these skis. They made me totally forget about their being whole 163 cm long! Smooth short turns and soft feel but still more or less secure may be due to their length. I did not do any steeper runs with them though. Overall, a very different and unique feel of skiing them. IMO they would be good as may be an extra pair of skis in a quiver, just for a variety, but certainly not as my only skis.

Rossignol Hero Elite Short Turn Ti 157 cm.


That is the skis I could use right now. Love the short turns and the length. Fun to drive.

Armada Victa 159 cm.

The Armada tent was not very busy, so I decided to give that colorful pair of skis a try. As long as the skiing day progressed further, the runs became covered with soft snow bumps just like if some giant moles have diligently worked on them :smile: These skis were floating right on the snow clusters smoothly. Quite a right name for skis that feels like a big strong ship!

Salomon Aira 76 st 160 cm


I went to the Salomon tent, and grabbed them just out of curiosity. Personally I found them to be of no character at all. Rather ordinary and mellow skis. One good thing, they are very easy to initiate turns. Did not feel the 160 cm on them.

And to call it a day, Salomon SI Max W 155 cm.

Good skis overall, not a drastic difference from my daily drivers. I should not have taken them at the end of day while being tired though.


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We had the same Epic's out. I had the Carbon version of the Hero. I have problems bending a Ti, so won't even try them. Although Marc did try to talk me into them. My friend had the same opinion of the Salomon Aria. I couldn't get to the Blast or anything else from them.

I didn't see Armada. Must have been over with the snowboards...


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Yes, the Armada tent was on the opposite site where the snowboards were located.
Skis are on FedEx. Are we still taking pics of the delivery guy??
Ha! Remember that? :wink: Back in our fun, sillier forum days (<sigh>).
Really glad to hear you found a ski that does it for you.
And Merry Christmas!


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They made it. And are now over at my buddies shop for the binding install.

Interesting....I ordered from Rossi (or so I thought) thru the CSIA pro deal. Skis came from Corbett's/Asogear.

The guy from FedEx wasn't interested in a photo. Too many deliveries this time of year!! But he thought it was an interesting idea.
Feel free to post something silly if you're missing it! :thumbsup::becky:
Silly, eh? You’ve been around here awhile. Have you or anyone else noticed that in the last 5+ or so years, this forum has taken a turn to the more serious, more technical, more based-on-my-experience kind of tenor?

There’s so much less lighthearted banter.
I miss it.
But those were the years when we were <1,000 members or so. It was different.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. I just don’t feel comfortable posting anything unless it has a certain level of (for lack of a better word) merit??

@Jilly - Yay for skis! Enjoy! :thumbsup:

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