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Mt Hood Meadows pulling passes for mask violations.

I was again at my local area. The ticket checker was making a minimal effort to remind the people in my proximity (when I prompted him) but that didn't excuse the good portion of the rest of the line. I left after 4 runs. I will wait until holiday and new snow frenzy settle down and then go back. Maybe. I have skate and classic skis, plus snowshoes so I have plenty of ways to play in the snow in the mean time.
My self-imposed moratorium is almost over - I don't ski weekends or holidays. Most of my passes don't include them. I've done it, and rapidly concluded it wasn't worth it. And that was before the pandemic!

I know this is a great privilege. Before I semi-retired (working p/t) and retired, I was up there on the weekends with everyone else, but fortunately at Berkshire East, not Killy or Okemo!
I think that is awesome. I skied at Crotched Mountain in NH this week, saw at least 2 people with masks pulled down to the chin while in lift line and there was no enforcement of mask wearing at all, which I did not like.
Mammoth is doing extremely well with reminding people whose noses are not covered. They even caught me once! The last couple of days were so warm that I only needed my Ski Diva mask with no balaclava.

Looking at the webcams today there is no one on the mountain. Covid plus pass blackout plus lodging ban plus lack of snow will do that!