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Mount Snow 15/16


Certified Ski Diva
I was up at Mount Snow Wednesday. It was quiet, which was good because pretty much everyone was on Long John/Deer . The only other runs open were Cascade into Canyon, which very few were skiing and the Gulch.

Coverage didn't seem bad on what was open, but conditions were very spring-like, without having the growth of ski muscles over the winter. The lower portion of Long John was very slushy and there were plenty of areas farther up that were the freeze-melt-refreeze cycle yuck. I got lucky and Nick at Bootworks had some time to make some tweaks on my boots, then I got to go out and try them in the "real world." I finished the day exhausted haha
Thank you for the update. I will be there on sunday and hope the conditions hold up until then. I will definitely bring my softer snow skis and my Kenjas just in case I need a little muscle. Glad you got in to see Nick, I love that man. He and his crew are the only ones I'll go to now. Nick wrote a bunch of things in code on the bottom of my boots after my fitting so that anyone there can just look at my feet and know what's up with me. How was the adjustment he made.
All ready for my trek to mount snow tomorrow. Temps will be 40 by 9am so thinking I'll leave the hard snow skis at home. I'll bring the Yumis and Kenjas so tomorrow will be a Volkl day!!!!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
How was it?
I'm still trying to decide if it's worth a 5+ hour drive to KT next weekend just to get my season started....
I had fun yesterday at mount snow. It was soft spring snow at the top and slushy at the bottom. By 1pm it was pretty "ugly" out there but still plenty of people going. I quit by 1pm but still VERY glad I went. My Kenjas and Yumi's did very well on the conditions at hand and it was just fun to get out there. By 1pm I was at the bar happily drinking a beer and watching some pre game football.

My main reasons for going is due to my membership with the CT ski council it only costs me $37 so cheap. I also wanted to get another day in at Snow in case my boots needed additional tweaking and well I like it there also.

Killington is about an hour farther north than Mount Snow but I think conditions don't vary too much between the two. I checked the weather and they are expecting snow friday night and the temps will be low enough that they'll probably blow snow also. I personally wouldn't go unless it snows and/or they can make snow before I'd get there. Friday night is the first night they'll also be able to make snow this week so given that things should be decent this weekend. Will it be epic, likely not but you have special sentimental reasons for wanting to go there. Plus there will hopefully be some more natural snow falling and they'll likely blow snow so I think you'll have fun.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Hmmm...thanks for the review! I really want to go and I'm really anxious to get my season underway.
It might be better for me to try to exercise patience and go a few weeks from now, when (hopefully) more is open.
Hmmm...thanks for the review! I really want to go and I'm really anxious to get my season underway.
It might be better for me to try to exercise patience and go a few weeks from now, when (hopefully) more is open.
Trust me I understand being anxious which is why I'm driving to mount snow and dealing with marginal conditions but I am a bit closer than you. 5+ hours is a long drive for less than stellar conditions

They don't have much open right now and not sure how much more they'll have open by the weekend. Mount Snow has even less open but I don't get bored easy and if I'm having fun can ski the same trail all day long. I mean they have a few trails but depending on what your boredom level is.

Just keep an eye on their report and the weather and make a game time decision if need be.



Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I don't get bored easily! I spent the entire day at my.home.mountain my first day out last year and they only had 3 trails open....a green, a blue, and one very cruddy diamond....and it's a tiny mountain! 900' verticle! Lol
I'm torn I so want to go. But...it is pushing it to try to make a few vermont trips AND get new skis....so I may wait. (My coworkers have found a cabin in burke VT for the last weekend in january. None of them ski but it's near a Q Burke, so I'm going) if i only get one shot at killington this year, I want it to count!
Just now read about your trip @surfsnowgirl! We were up at Snow this past Sunday as well. We all had fun, even though it was one run with lots of sporty teenagers on it.
That's so cool you were there. Where were you? Long John or Canyon Cascade? I guess the park wasn't so stellar so the park rats aka snowboarders were invading Long John. They were all cool but I just skied to the side of the trail when I heard big packs coming up behind me. Everyone was in a good mood. A few boarders passed me and one fell. All of his friends proceeded to snowplow right in back of him dousing him with snow. It was fun to watch. I didn't think it was that bad. I mean it was what it was right. I went in there with the "right" skis and just skied and had fun. Would have been fun to take a run together, maybe next time :smile:

My boss skis Killington and isn't even going until they have more open and have better conditions. My other boss doesn't even ski and both of them were just giving me this look as to why the heck would I want to go skiing when its like how it was. It kind of pissed me off and put me on the defensive. I was thinking geez back off, I had fun, end of story. What the hell did you do with your sunday so I can pick on that. WTF


Diva in Training
We were up on Long John! I was the nervous one looking over my shoulder a lot. With the grinning 6 year-old. :smile: I'd love to have a run with you ladies, one of these days!
Its a good thing we were at snow on sunday because I talked to Carl from the demo center and he said they aren't even letting the demos go out at this point. Snow's snow report was sad this am. It pretty much said coverage is getting bad, they weren't even able to groom anything and that walking is required if you are on upper long john or deer run. Yikes. Come friday they should be able to blow snow again. I plan to be up there sunday so hopefully coverage will be better.
No kidding. I'm bumming its going to warm up again next week but hoping they'll at least blow snow for a couple days over the weekend to beef things up a bit. I won't commit to going up there sunday until I see some snow making occurring.
Its official Mount Snow has fired up the snow guns so hopefully they'll stay on........................... Headed there for Sunday-Monday, will report back.
Conditions at Mount Snow are terrific. They've been blowing snow all day yesterday and the last 2 nights. 8 trails open and much better coverage today than yesterday. No ice. All open trails are beginner/intermediate but it is plenty to keep us entertained since this is our first skiing of the year! They are blowing snow on all open trails today but other than that it is great and no long lines so far.
Awesome, glad you are having fun up there. We are headed up this afternoon and will ski tomorrow. I was hoping they'd have Ridge open but at least they have Canyon/Cascade running. Snow guns are pretty quiet so they are at least not annoying at all. They should blow snow all day today and tonight and likely turn it off tomorrow. Glad to hear there isn't any ice since I wanted to bring the Yumi's and Elysians this trip. Hopefully the majority of the park rats have made their way back to the gulch so this will free up Long John and Cascade/Canyon. When do you head back?
We are here through tomorrow. Cascade now has some nice moguls on it and a few on Canyon. We have actually been having a blast on Gulch, there are just a few rails and it is not crowded. If you stay to the left it is zippy and less crowded than Long John.
Skied mount snow Vermont today.

Had some surprise shopping occur. My ski pants has a tear in the left butt cheek so nothing like having to buy ski pants spontaneously. Plus side, 40% off sale. Found a gorgeous pair of Volcom Maroon gortex ski pants originally $180 but $116 with sale.

Then drum roll please........ wanted to look at Oakley goggles with the prizm lense but just spent unplanned money on ski pants so grrrrr. The guy who was helping me with ski pants said there was a pair of Oakley goggles with prizm lense on scratch n dent table for half off. There was a tiny scratch on lense so they were 50% off. $200 Oakley Flight Deck XM for $100 and i can't even see the scratch.

Today was a big slush fest. Took Charismas out today. I know one should be able to ski on anything but today i went against my own preference of a fatter ski for slush. Almost went to demo shack and grabbed a twin tip fatty.

All in all just want feeling it today. Brown everywhere and this one step blue was riddled with slushy ice and really shouldn't have been open.

Best yet i LOVE THESE DAMN OAKLEY goggles. They fit phenomenally with my helmet, i kept them on all day, i seriously love these goggles. Ski pants are pretty awesome too, fit great and i love the color.

It was a gorgeous day out, reggae feat was going on, pond skim and it was a great day. Had some beers, ate some great food and soaked in the sun. Plus great shopping.

All in all a great day.

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