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Mount Point Issues?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Folks I know with phantom add a spray on wax for sticky spring conditions. https://www.toko.ch/en/wax-tools/

I use this liquid wax, but I don’t have phantom so I don’t know how it would work. This is easy to apply and makes a big difference for those stop and go conditions. I gave some to @ski diva during our spring in February at diva west.
Awesome, thanks for the tip! I'll pick some up and give it a go.


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Have you considered having your bindings mounted a bit back of the line? I wonder if that would help with the stance.
I haven't considered that. I already feel like I'm on the tails of the Nelas, so I think that would make it more difficult (or at least, in theory). If I end up still having issues after getting my delta flat, I'm going to revisit the mount point issue. I'll probably go back to PJ with some videos and see if he can figure out what the deal might be.


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Tagging onto this thread again---today I took my Sheeva 9s out (these are skis I thought I might be having binding delta issues with). They weren't as bad as I remembered ie. didn't feel like a lot work or like I was in the backseat today quite as much. I still feel like I'm slightly better balanced on my skis that have a negative delta but the Sheevas weren't bad. Now I'm wondering if it's just the conditions. Usually I reserve the Sheevas for powder or spring slush. Today I took them out early before it got deep and slushy so I had more of a smoother experience on them early on. They seemed fine early on but I did get thrown back more once it got deep, but that is the sort of conditions that are challenging for me anyway. I took a lesson and the instructor said I'm not in the backseat at least not as a rule (not to say I didn't get tossed there occasionally). So now, I'm not sure what to think about why my fore/aft just seems a bit different on these skis--delta or conditions?

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