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Mid-layer under insulated jacket


Diva in Training
Looking for warmer mid-layer sweater to wear under an insulated jacket. I wear a Nils sweater under my insulated jacket and on colder days, I add an insulated vest. I'd like to find a sweater that's warmer than Nils (rayon/nylon)...I've avoided going the nano puff jacket route because I love the look and feel of a sweater. Online, I've looked at Dale of Norway, Neve Designs, Newland, Ski Delaine, Erin Snow, you name it. What have you found to be functional rather just pretty?


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Alp-N-Rock is up there with Dale of Norway.
I have 3 Bula wool sweaters we were able to buy years ago with the CSIA logo on them.


Angel Diva
For warmth nothing beats a vintage wool ski sweater. They seem to be a much tighter knit than anything new.
Agreed! I have a 70s Demetre (rainbow strip) and a 90s Tyrolia (dolman sleeves). They are my own that I take good care of. The tight knit is great for keeping arms cozy/wind stop under insulated jacket.


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I continue to long for a Dale of Norway sweater. Pricey….
You and me both! However Neve sweaters are a good compromise and I live by them. They have nice merino blends and sometimes they are available on sale. Just be careful because they will heat you up!


Certified Ski Diva
I have a fabulous LL Bean Merino wool nordic style sweater. It is warm and on the long side, so good for under a jacket. Ebay is a great source for vintage sweaters.


Diva in Training
You and me both! However Neve sweaters are a good compromise and I live by them. They have nice merino blends and sometimes they are available on sale. Just be careful because they will heat you up!
Thanks everyone for your replies. I appreciate all of these suggestions! You ladies have some much loved sweaters. I purchased a 100% wool Neve sweater of unknown vintage on eBay and look forward to its arrival.

santacruz skier

Angel Diva
I have a wool midlayer sweater from Title Nine that is gorgeous and I love to wear when it's really cold. I'll try to see if they make something comparable now.

This is probably those closest to what they have now. Mine is a full zip which I prefer. It's a lovely stretchy form-fitting wool. https://www.titlenine.com/p/krimson-klover-quarter-zip-sweater-super-power/100067.html
I love Title Nine and there is one in Los Gatos about 30 min from me. I have way too many things from there. Summer and Winter. @ski diva and I have a matching sweater we discovered at a Diva West.

ski diva

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I picked up a Dale nwt on eBay for a great price last year. Definitely lighter weight than my vintage ones but actually layers better under my jackets because the bulk is less.


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I have a Dale Men's bought used. Super warm. New, they're too much $ -- $450 at a local Mammoth shop!

I knit myself a vest in a woolly wool. Stupidly I made it too short to be attractive (doh) but I still wear it as a warm layer, even for skiing. Diva-knitters, check out The Woolly Thistle shop (in NH & online) for a Norwegian heavy fingering weight wool called Rauma Finull Garn. So many colors, not *too* scratchy.


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santacruz skier

Angel Diva
I haven't skied in it, but my husband gave me a Dale of Norway sweater as a Christmas gift (2022). It is so beautiful and was so pricey I keep "saving" it, lol.

Keep an eye on/in Sierra as they always have great finds, but it rotates:
Smartwool https://www.sierra.com/smartwool-intraknit-tech-sweater-merino-wool-zip-neck~p~1wftm/?filterString=s~wool-sweater/women~d~5324/
Krimson Klover (only 25% wool, but cute) https://www.sierra.com/krimson-klover-torreys-sweater-wool-zip-neck~p~2jfpt/?filterString=s~wool-sweater/women~d~5324/
I have the Smartwool sweater except mine has a hood.

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