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Mid-Atlantic/SE skiing (PA, NJ, DC, MD, VA, WV, NC) for 2019-20

Not sure exactly who can take advantage of the idea, but thought it was worth noting that Wisp has a free lesson program for beginners during early season, ages 8+. The hard part is that the lessons must be on 3 different days between 12/14 and 12/22. There is a $5 registration fee that is refunded when someone shows up for the 2nd and 3rd lessons.

Details and the link for registration are on the Wisp Mountain Blog for Dec. 2
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For folks who can make it to ski in WV on Mondays and/or Tuesdays, not only is Canaan Valley on the Indy Pass, they also have weekly deals. Can get a day ticket on Mondays for $20. Tuesdays are for BOGO.

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 8.42.51 PM.png
Cataloochee has another standing deal. Can get $10 off a day ticket with a season pass from any other resort. The Indy Pass is good at Cat midweek only.

One of the reasons I'm curious to experience Cat is that it was one of the first ski areas to work with Snow Operating using Terrain Based Learning (TM) snow features. For a few years, there was a multi-lesson package where a novice could end up with a free pair of skis (no boots).

The Cat ski swap and sale is Sat, Dec. 7. Sun, Dec. 8 is the annual Cataloochee / Haywood Christian Ministries Can-U-Ski & Coat Day: "Help us give back to the local community by bringing 24 cans of food or 2 warm winter jackets of good quality and receive your lift ticket on that Sunday from 8:30am-4:30pm for free. It’s an over $70 value!"
I'm about to do a little more skiing in the southeast. Haven't skied in NC for quite a while. Not since I decided that getting season passes at Massanutten made the most sense for my daughter and I when she was 7. She's in college in Asheville now so I have a reason for driving to the NC mountains during the winter. The bonus is that I can use the Indy Pass at Cataloochee for 2 midweek days at some point during the season.

Have started Meet On The Hill (MOTH) threads for trips in Dec and Jan. For those reading who can't see Divas Only sections, you need 25 posts. A good way to "meet" other Divas and to get in some posts is to start a Getting To Know You thread. It's helpful to include a location (state or city) in the thread title.
Not surprisingly, Wintergreen is offering the same Three for Free lesson package as Wisp (Post #121). Pacific Group operates both Wisp and Wintergreen. Only difference is that the offer for Wintergreen graduates is a "$209 Season Pass valid for the 19.20 Winter Season."
Snowguns are on again at Massanutten! Just in time. It was getting pretty thin even Mnut was open today. Should be plenty of cold nights in the next week to build a base that can last thru the rest of the season.
The guns at Liberty & Whitetail are finally on! Roundtop started up again too. I think I heard a rumor Liberty aims to open the weekend before Christmas If not earlier. Which is usually the case in the past.
The guns at Liberty & Whitetail are finally on! Roundtop started up again too. I think I heard a rumor Liberty aims to open the weekend before Christmas If not earlier. Which is usually the case in the past.
Super excited! I bought the triple pack of tickets and am eager to use them!
Wintergreen looked like they had every snowgun on this morning.

Wisp is supposed to open on Dec. 13.

Possible that all MidA/SE slopes will managed to open by the Dec. 14-15 weekend. The weather forecast for the next week calls for a string of cold nights and even a little snow.
Guess I may be checking the Mnut webcams later tonight and early tomorrow morning. :snow:

The meteorologist in Charlotte who does video forecasts weekly for SkiSE said that Winterplace could be a winner for this storm along with northern VA. Doesn't really look to snow at Snowshoe much. He even mentioned Ober Gatlinburg in TN, which is on the Indy Pass.

NOAA Advisory for Dec. 10-11

* WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 1 to 2 inches,
with isolated totals of 3 to 4 inches possible for elevations
above 1000 feet.

* WHERE...Portions of north-central Maryland, northwestern
Virginia and eastern West Virginia.

* WHEN...From midnight tonight to 7 AM EST Wednesday.
Wisp Resort in western MD announced that they are opening on Friday. Was hoping to be able to get another day on the slopes this month, but our schedule is crazy busy right now. Next chance will be our trip to Snowshoe on New Years. Keeping fingers crossed for good weather!
Massanutten got an inch of snow last night! More importantly, snow guns are on full blast now. They started snowmaking in the afternoon as temperatures started to dive.

Wintergreen finally announced that they will open on Dec. 14. So all the larger ski areas/resorts in the southeast will be open by this weekend.

In general temperatures were 20-30 degrees colder this morning across NC/VA/WV compared to yesterday.
Have heard that Silver Creek will be open this weekend. Perhaps Western Territories too. :becky:
It's official! Cupp and Upper Shay's will be open on Saturday. Sounds like Lower Shay's will open ASAP after a bit more snowmaking. The Facebook drone video is pretty cool! The improvements to snowmaking infrastructure for the Western Territories has taken a few years, but is definitely paying off. #ThankASnowmaker
Bryce should be in very good shape this weekend. They'll have both beginner areas open. Daily operations starts next week, a full week before the holiday period. Lift 2 is the quad goes to the summit. For the early season weekends, it was still being used for mountain biking. Lift 1 is a double that goes up about 3/4 of the way up the mountain. The Little Nip teaching area is served by three very short carpet lifts, perfect for getting little kids started.

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 7.40.21 PM.png
There is a new book about skiing in the southeast that's going on my reading list. Randy Johnson wrote about SE skiing back in the 1980s. The updated version of Southern Snow was published by UNC Press recently. The region covered is from Maryland south into the Appalachian mountains. There are ski areas in NC well over 5000 ft, plus Ober Gatlinburg in TN, and Cloudmont in AL. Snowmaking started in NC back in the early 1960s on the original slopes of Cataloochee before the move in 1968 to the current mountain. The best known is probably Snowshoe in WV, which is owned by Alterra and on Ikon.

Dec 2019, Seniors Skiing
Book Review: Southern Snow Explores Skiing; Other Outdoor Winter Activities in the South
Have seen a first-hand report that people with an Epic pass can go direct-to-lift at Roundtop. They were hand scanning on Black Friday.

He also did direct-to-lift at Hunter.

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